Democrat push for more Supreme Court seats ‘puzzling’: Former Clinton adviser

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Mark Penn, former senior adviser to the Clintons, on Democrats introducing a bill to add four new Supreme Court seats and what bipartisanship looks like under the Biden administration. #FOXBusiness

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L. Aa says:

Love it go Biden

Bill Styles says:

More tyranny from the Dems as they already are adding trillions to the debt. Joe's fulfilling his promises to the CCP by spending the United States into financial insolvency to China. Your best ng forced to fund the Chinese military that will eventually come for you. Martin Niemöller's quote comes to mind.

Rich624 says:

Why is it "puzzling"? Democrats want to control every aspect of our lives. Having control of SCOTUS is just a piece of the power grab.
They are taking us to communism, and there is more of this to come.

one tin soldier says:

They will appoint judges that have already been bought.

n Vang says:

America is dying

matt Robinson says:

Treason. Plain and Simple.

The Swamp Fox says:

So we can have more Supreme Court Judges that won’t do their job

Jerrold Rieger says:

Nadler the man that shames the name of Jerrold

Ronald Crisler says:


USARMYvietnamVET1969 says:

Ultra leftwing Democrats want absolute total control of your life and will never stop until they get it…. you will be free no longer, just a matter of time…don't let it happen!

Wolf says:

60% approval rating?

Wolf says:

Democrat moderates need to switch parties.

Tron fukyu says:

"Puzzling" he says, he must be the stupidest person on the planet if he's "puzzled" by it.

HCC says:

The Democratic Party is cancer.

David Craig says:

That's illegal. I find it difficult to believe we can't find real leaders. The rush to offer America unpopular people means someone pulling strings behind the scenes wants no opposition. Do any of us?

Joe Mama says:

Why not put a 1000 judges on the court? Where are they stopping? Whats the magic number?

Glen Welch says:

The msm are liars. All they do is lie. They are lying liars

Sandra McAllister says:

John Roberts speaks for himself! no decisions for the people just for the elite and we know what they are doing!

rob head says:

The dems are poor losers!

Sally Elliott says:

LOL..there is NO WAY that Biden has a 60% approval rating!! This is a complete lie! I doubt Biden could even get 10% approval…we want PRESIDENT TRUMP BACK!!!!! He is the REAL President!

Sod man says:

What's puzzling? bidden and his administration are pathological liars who are giving a platform by (their braindead loyalist) pathological liars. There's only one way to deal with pathological liars, it's to instill fear of being destroyed.

Mike Patrick says:

To the ones that were told do n o t vote for Biden because they will try to pack the courts and you did nit believe that person you need a good crack across the back of your head…Just look how they are destroying our country to those who own business DO NOT hire any Biden voters let them suffer like there doing to us

OR says:

what're you guys complaining about this game's been played by both parties

Cupcake Bo says:

We can thank the 18-35 age groups for this! Our children being brainwashed in schools! They are destroying America.

Cupcake Bo says:

Don’t let this happen!!!!!

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