Deadly snowstorms in Japan bring record snowfalls and leave many communities at a standstill

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Record snowfalls have blanketed large parts of Japan, where at least 10 people have died and hundreds have been injured amid the chaos caused by the severe weather. Transport and traffic have been brought to a standstill in some areas, with more than a thousand cars reported as being stuck in the snow on January 10, 2021. Power transmission lines have also been damaged, triggering blackouts in Akita and Niigata prefectures where at least 43,000 homes have lost electricity services.

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Siddesh Bandekar says:

Bahrain (12-18*C)


>global warming
Laughs in japanese

lian hejia says:

canada: pfffft, pathetic

EarBleedMaster says:

Japan just can't catch a break with nature lol

lunarpineapple says:

Oh no! So sorry to hear this. We get bad storms like this where I live as well.

Joe smoe says:

Global warming

dee bu soh says:

Give us some in sinkie pls..

Wei Lee says:

Great place to live

privateplatiboi plati says:

in the philippines its usually around 37 or 30c and very humid at night but it was 23c and super windy

Peggy Mattie says:

Get out your shovels. Yeshua/Jesus cares for you. Believe in him.

Lord Adams says:

Those roofs that might collapse

Infinity Roblox Gaming says:

Oh, I didn’t know snow was that bad. Oh well.

Ben Rieck says:

Somebody oughta get these guys some snow tires eh

Marina D says:

Mother nature does have ways. She just need to work harder here 😉

YoshinoX Tempest says:

Subaru will get ptsd if he was here

Sarthak Jena says:

In India we are dying due to heat. We need ice too

avnish p says:

did anyone hear about disease X?

Liam Wang says:

Have fun building snowmen while it lasts. I hope it does last, but global warming is dwindling the chance of seeing snow.

Liam Wang says:

I wish it could snow half or even quarter as much here in Melbourne.

GuiltyAsCharged X says:

They need snowmobiles.. those in sleds or something.

Len KD says:

First Spain gets a snowfall, then japan gets apocalyptic one days later.
Climate change is having fun with us.

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