Cyprus negotiations: UN Secretary to hold talks with leaders

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The divided island of Cyprus is under the spotlight at the United Nations General Assembly.
The invasion of Turkish troops in 1974 partitioned the island between the UN-recognised Greek Cypriot Republic of Cyprus and the self-declared Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
Repeated attempts at negotiations have failed. But on Monday, the UN secretary-general is holding talks with leaders on both sides of the divide.
Al Jazeera’s Mike Hanna reports from the UN.

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jarosław bielski says:

The pride of the reckless breeds strife, but wisdom is with those who take counsel.

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Assoma muhamed says:

Lets remember what divided Cyprus from the beginning. Two state is better than killing each other.

Wir haben Platz says:

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LCA Tejas says:

Turkey must end occupation of Northern Cyprus

King Jerry Coleman IV says:

This Cyprus hope it don't turn as palistanian and Israel

Hamzah Iftikhar says:

both Turkey and Pak have really good leaders

King Jerry Coleman IV says:

EU side of Cyprus is racist against black ….

Avner Konnig says:

🦃 Dictator doesn't care , 🦃 needs to leave

King Jerry Coleman IV says:

Turkey side of Cyprus is the best …

King Jerry Coleman IV says:

I rather living in the turkey side of turkey then EU side …. I went for a tourist visit and the EU side is racist AF from the airport to the restaurant

muhammed rasheed says:

It was a very difficult situation

Citizen says:

There is nothing to negotiotin with cyprus greek.two seperate states best way for both communities.

Ak says:

Turkish occupation in Cyprus

Orestis Pavlides says:

Don't forget to mention though that the president of the RoC, himself negotiated first the two-state "solution", behind closed doors, when the then TC leader, Mustafa Akinçi was for a Bizonal Bicomunal Federation (i.e. one nation, one nationality), yet here he is pretending to still care about the solution he first undermined, stalling till the 23 presidential election, when he'll be able to abandon the ship he alone set on fire.

Diaz Virdani says:

North Cyprus and South Cyprus like Palestine and Israel

Nicosia like Jerusalem 🙄

Heather Zikos says:

If we could have righteous leaders I'm sure we could solve the problem. Anastasiades you are part of the problem

TheGhost204 says:

Free Cyprus from illegal Islamic occupation!

chemon ather says:

UNO is by the Oppressors for the Oppressors.

Ysrael M. Dumadara says:

I wish they would instead do what the 20th century solution countries did with outlying territories: just making the voter allowed citizens of the whole island of Cyprus and what kind of majority should be accepted whether the Greek or Turkish Cypriot side gets a majority on what the majority should say.

Amazing Indian says:

Turkey is oppressors of Cyprus

WhiteHair Rules says:

You can have a house. But unless it is recognized by the state it isn’t your house. Especially if state promised your house to someone else they favored and biased to be better fit for the house. Doesn’t matter if you earned it

Grisha Avanesyan says:

Turkey based on Armenians, Greeks, Kurds, Assyrians territories, Turkey’s culture is stoled from that cultures. Fake country, fake nation.

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