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CrossTalk on NATO | Home Edition | Ukraine's Fate

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Exaggerated rhetoric, massive arms shipments, and endless threats – this is how NATO presents its vision of pan-European security. Meanwhile, Moscow waits for the U.S. and its allies to respond to its demands and vision for the same. The status is untenable.

CrossTalking with Philip Giraldi, Ray McGovern, and Pierre-Emmanuel Thomann.


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Crouchy232323 says:

Why is Pedro sitting on the floor?

S Patel says:


seeu says:

In Sweden massmedia is pumping out fear mongering "information" against Russian "aggression" like there's no tomorrow. Nothing substantial though just a fear porn.

The Limits of Human Ability says:

Risking nuclear war because of what Putin might do, it's crazy, even if he invades a neighboring country to merge it with Russia it is none of NATO countries business the people vote for their leaders to focus on their own countries & not globalism, are probably better off merged anyway those former USSR states, better off economically.

chyfields says:

Unfortunately, I perceive a continued fascination for war, battles, fights, conflict, discord, argument, bullying, disagreement and zombies.

Thalia Kramer says:

The way I see this is as another example of the West telling someone to do things their way or suffer. We see it in our daily lives, especially during the past two years. You deserve to be ostracized if you question anything.
The real risk here will be the West, US and NATO, going up against Russia to impose their way of life and Russia doing the exact same.
I think Putin has played a very clever card by openly showing their demands, knowing that they would be rejected as has come to pass. By the US asking that their response is kept secret, they are playing straight into Russia's hands.
Russia can always play an 'it wasn't our fault, see, we tried' card.
America and NATO could end up looking like aggressive and uncooperative parties.

wrewewrrew says:

Anyway the income from Nordstream will end up in the hands of Oligarks.

wrewewrrew says:

USA alone has maby 8 times russias defence budget. How will you compete against USA and all of Europe in case you invade Ukraine.

Bernardo Mendes says:

Countries in civil war or any other territorial dispute can't join NATO.

wrewewrrew says:

If USA destroys Nordstream you will be even more poor then before.

wrewewrrew says:

If russia attacks Ukraine Nordstream gas pipe will be axed.

malin-a says:

Great choir of interviewees. I love listening to McGovern and Philip Giraldi. There are a few more names whose opinions interest me and should interest others as well, because they are in the service of truth. If we had the opportunity to wake up in 50 years, we would see that everyone in the service of truth today, is respected and also quoted as respected, while America is cursed and treated as the most insidious, hated and aggressive occupier, while its people are the most ignorant, under-educated and propagated in the world.
There are a few more names that I love to listen and have a fair pose: Miko Peled (Palestinian-Israeli theme), Scott Ritter, Malooff, Brian Becker … there are many more good analysts, however, I very much miss one of the greatest connoisseurs of the Russian question, the prematurely deceased Stephen F. Cohen. With his death, the world has lost a mature, true and intelligent explanation of what is happening in Ukraine. I am very happy when RT is interested in the opinion of his widow, Katrina vanden Heuvel, although in her own words her opinion is often a little different then his. Thank you RT.

Markus Rennelius says:

NATO=NAZI movement continues with the USA politics

Jake Cole says:

The US trying to spread it's 'liberal' crackpot agenda worldwide will not end well for it.

Sam Emerzidis says:

UCRAINE is a porn for USA to get the job done for USA, these politicians they will not fight any wars the poor soldier's and citizens will these if you tell them they have to fight in the front line like the old days the Kings and General's had to lead the battle, they will stop acting like idiots they will not be any battles of any wars . Please ask the questions see what you get, they will call you CRAZY and they will shut you up.That my thoughts , next why they don't want RUSSIA to join NATO and EU, if they ok then UCRAINE can as well along all countries on this bloody mess of a PLANET for so many years with wars. The people will loose is the Elit of warmongers machine's manufacturing

Joshua Paul says:

It's not about Ukraine at all. Nobody is going to invade Ukraine or any other shithole. It’s about kicking NATO military infrastructure out of Eastern Europe. The problem is that US establishment is so corrupt, inadequate and full of hubris that it would take Cuban missile crisis or something like that to kick them out. I think we are on the precipice of such crisis. Sad.

Photonia Phive says:

✨🌎 2020/True ⚡️ RT is the Crew & Peter excels as a Journalism Professional too.

Petrus Romanus says:

Quite obvious. On one side of the map or continents, China versus India, Europe versus Russia, Iran versus Israel, Saudi Arabia versus Iran , so on. US create so many nations against each other so to weaken nations on continents and create wars.Time to stop the troublemaker. Not every nation want to fight another nation, become enemies, destroy each other or conquer another nation. Many nations want peace.

Petrus Romanus says:

This is obviously US divide and conquer policy. US is making Europe the enemy of Russia and Russia the enemy of Europe. US is making Russia and Europe break their common economic and military interest and make Europe depend on US. When Europe and Russia fight on their own lands, US will provide weapons and army and laugh when they destroy each other on their own lands. Europe is US buffer zone like Taiwan. US want Europe and Russia not to be united. US is creating trouble when Russia and Europe make progress in their relationship.

Tom LaVelle says:

The best and most relevant point is made at the end….☢️☢️☢️

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