Corona second wave | #PollyBites

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The second wave is said to be on its way. And yet there’s still SO little scientists actually know about the global pandemic that’s stopped you going to an office or... wearing trousers.
#PollyBoiko took a look at the contradictory research into, and advice for tackling, #COVID19. Spoiler alert: all that hand washing may have been for nothing. And you might want to invest in some goggles (thanks Dr Fauci)...

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Theo Schutz says:

You all look like total idiots wearing that BS mask. Whats scary is that if 90% of the world's population can so easily be mislead…imagine whats coming next?

Leo Nardo says:

I could listen to Polly speaking utter gibberish if it meant I could look at her smiling face

Vhe Styles says:

stop reporting nonsense, she is THE most annoying contributor of RT


Black people are more likely to die from covid is because they lack vitamin D from lack of supplementation, and lack of sunlight, it takes a lot more sunlight for darker skin people to get it

Shit Lister says:

Of Course RT Posted this

Archaic Revival says:

Unknown Unknowns, that's funny because Rumsfeld used to be on the board of Gilead. 🤪

S C says:

polly is beautiful, but really dumb if she believes any of this BS!
Hope that she can become an investigative journalist one day soon and actually get down to the truth.

Amaury Arce says:

W.H.O???….Corona virus???…..🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱 ok next topic!

Joseph Letts says:

I was measured once at 5ft 11 3/4 so I take it I'm safe then?

Bonzo says:

Here is some more FAKE NEWS BULLSHIT.
I AM OVER 60, unvaccinated, diabetic, don’t wear a mask, go to the beach, don’t always social distance and spend lots of time in or around medical facilities. I shop, go out to eat, go to the mall, socialize in the dog park, attend house parties, walk downtown. I was tested on Friday and was found NEGATIVE! THIS IS A HOAX AND I WILL NOT LIVE MY LIFE IN FEAR. GOD WILL DECIDE WHEN IT’S MY TIME!
Not the government or the GLOBALISTS! Fight back people, you are being manipulated.

Drago Varsas says:

You need to also wear a but plug with a filter to stop the virus.

Russ Mess says:

Every black I see has their mask under their nose for some reason and they are very prone to obesity and sugar diabetes. That's why

One free human in this reality says:

I can't believe the stupidity, from all these people!

Sam Williams says:

The only thing the experts are sure of is that they don't know.

luffebassen says:

Corona is a FRAUD!!
Pure fear mongering for the deep state to get a out of jail freecard for a global collapsing economy.

Mighty One says:

Who comes up with this BS 🤣..

Andreas Arlt says:

2:01 this your totally wrong ….Cloroquin helps perfect if your white skinned but!!!!! if a black person use cloroquin he can die in 3 days with saame symptoms you have at covid.Same the masks when you wear it regulary oit cast exactly the same

Andreas Arlt says:

Great video and ive done endless hundreds of hours researches oon the best doctor pages but when you tell the sheeps something about what is an imunsystem why a mask destroy your lounges and so oin ….why people believe more in politicans then worlds best doctors

Raul Zanardo says:

this audio volume is all over the place

Adriana J M says:

Well Done! 😍😂

J DAILEY says:

Cuz It was designed that way, dummy. Great goggles !



John Nada says:

Hilarious I have to write in code or my comment gets deleted by RT/google. I'll try. Vitamin D3, dark skin people, obese,high death rate. Woke media refuse to mention as high death count moves society closer to hard left utopia under benevolent Gates rule.

TaharMusar Sedeq says:

He that hath an ear, let him hear

John Nada says:

I wonder if it's google or RT deleting my comments

VaselineLenz says:

Neighbour=enemy. Carry on.

I'm Mary Poppins Y'All says:

Death rate California: 0.02%
Survival rate California: 99.98%
Media fear porn saturation: 100%

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