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Concerns for child refugees, migrants in Spain

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More than 2,000 children are among refugees and migrants who have arrived in the Canary Islands in the last two months.
Save the Children says it is extremely concerned about their physical and mental health.
Al Jazeera’s Bernard Smith reports from Gran Canaria.

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Hermawan 88 says:

You have to find a solution about these immigrants, see America is full of immigrants and chaos.

Chris Cross says:

Our politicians are absolute traitors – quislings that are aiding and abetting foreign armies of migrants. Helping them to colonize our countries, exploit us and displace us.

Rick Jones says:

The Child refugees can be trained Islamists I've watched their program before they took small children and trained them in jihad. I don't want to push this as fact I'm pointing out what I have seen on a foreign video once so it should be known

Lorraine Moore says:

Not children they are young adults

byza byzarto says:

And I also hope that Aljazaer wants to report on Indonesian news about the corruption of the COVID-19 pandemic social assistance funds thank you 🙏🙏

Rubagyengyera pan africanist says:

What goes around comes around
What Europeans do for other races to survive has by laws of nature to share on the effects of outcomes.
So live positively & receive positive rewards & vise versa

Pseudonym says:

Atheists in Saudi, UAE, Pakistan, Bangladesh and all Muslim countries are being persecuted. Don't you have voice to raise this issue. Oh wait, that's Islamic law, right ? Atheists in these countries are supposed to act as believers to save their life. When will you address these issues. Why are you blind towards this ? Why this double-standards ?

Labras Hydara says:

Hippocrites aljazeera…that woman is a hippocrite

Vegan4life says:

This really angers me. How can parents sent there kids into possible death just so they might make it and the child will send the parents $. Figure out problems in your own country if it’s not good. Opportunists. Send them back.

shawnizin says:

None of those migrants on the boat (@ 0:09) or in that building (@ 0:13) look west African imho. The people they chose to interview do though. Why be in Senegal when the guy in Canary Islands say at present most migrants are from Morocco (@4:10)? On one hand I cant blame a person for wanting better for themselves and on the other an abundance of illegal migrants can tax and already taxed system. I hope the world gets better as I don't see a legit solution where both sides benefit.

Deepak Netam says:

Endless wars in Asia and Africa.

Kick de graaf says:

23 jarigen kinderen pff…..

Yoga Fitness Travel says:

I think its best 2 send them back 2 their home country to their families where they will b looked after well

Ushta Te says:

Its not the spanish governments responsibility to take care of them
Its their home countries

S Sharif says:

Why don’t they go to Saudi or Asian other country? The don’t tolerate illegal Eliance entering countries the send them back right way.

tina kapoor says:

I was feeding the foxes at my usual spot where now a covid 19testing was taking place so I was thinking how I'm gonna feed my foxes now when theres these camps here in my usual feeding place ,when one of the yellow jacket staff member a Indian asks the other white staff member why are we actually doing this anyway and the other white guy says it's for depopulation we are doing this and then the first guy points at me saying she maybe heard us and the white guy says oh she's a Sri Lankan maybe doesn't understand English ,so after I feed my 7 foxes I told them that I would tell everyone on social media what they were talking about and then they were like 😱

India President says:

They are looking for freedom

Rain Kuldmets says:

So they not refugees. Just send them back. Enough is enough.

byza byzarto says:

I hope that Aljazaer wants to report news the Indonesian state on the murder of 6 civilians over clashes between security forces and organizations muslim thank you 🙏🙏

Michael McFeely says:

Around the world, foreigners see that ignoring immigration law is a winning strategy, and this encourages more lawless migration.

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