Chinese woman couldn't find suitable nursing home for elderly parents, so she opened one

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The world’s most populous nation, China, is also a greying society. It’s estimated that by 2040, 28 per cent of China’s population will be aged 60 or older. But since elderly parents have been traditionally cared for by their children, the country still lacks a comprehensive elderly care system. The challenge of finding proper care for her disabled parents led Cai Dongdong to switch careers and start her own nursing homes. By looking after her parents and other elderly people in the community, her ultimate wish is for every community across China to offer similar services for senior citizens.

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Hii Suman says:

Few days ago..China mocks on death of covid newton's 3rd rule apply against China .. super failure of Chinese space programme…

302-Anston Fernandes says:

Chinese don't knw to respect their parents when ull bcm old ur time will come.

gambit says:

Wished we were allowed to open our senior homes like this in Canada. The hygiene and treatment towards seniors in governments owned senior homes here in Ontario are absolutely horrendous.

Anna P. says:

Godbless her

Hi says:

Stop saying we need more people like her. You should take notes and be more like her.

YT shorts beta says:

We need more care for the elderly

Tay Lane says:

Free Penny Lane Ippolito from DHS in fort Collins colorado !


6:46 aww so cute

Soapy says:

I would give all my money to this nursing home if I had any

beautoxxbeautoxx says:

Heart-warming ❤️


They didn't leave you when you are young so don't leave them when they are old …

We are so busy growing up that we forget that they are also growing old …😔

Samurai X says:

These people who spent the best years of their lives fueling China's rapid growth over the last few decades are now abandoned by society. The Chinese state has more money invested in wasteful property bubbles than in healthcare for retirees and elders. Capitalism with Chinese characteristic indeed. A heart-wrenching sight indeed.

woozy says:

The problem is the age expectancy. Its becoming way too high

CIA says:

There’s a rouge China 🇨🇳 rocket 🚀 that has failed to reach space and will return to earth in a few days no one knows where it will land

Brock Lee says:

faith in humanity has been restored

nagi springfield says:

nice try with the subtitle, she said we has made very poor forecast for the needs of the elderly care market. In subtitle the we become government, hahahaha always twisting the meaning of the people. Well done SCMP never disappointed on you

feng tianshi says:

Compare the senior home I studied in Canada, this is Heaven.

Kagome says:

All the data show they will become the next Japan. Filled with old people. These nursing home need to keep up.

Wiwi FE says:

People like her even in China ….needs to be recognised and supported financially and serviced by whoever possible. Even the corrupt government officials will one day grow old, they should remember…!!!! Love to the woman who has done so much for strangers even.❤️

Erin James says:

This is wonderful!!

T0NI M0NSTER says:

It's crazy how can a mother, raised a child give them everything!.just for those children's ending up putting they parents in elderly places, because they can't take care of them!.but live goes around and their children will do the same to them!

Pub Comrad says:

Nursing home care in China🇨🇳 is almost nonexistent or
– only for top CCP officials.

Last Chang says:

Young Chinese🇨🇳 must take their country back from
– the outdated authoritarian surveillance corrupt regime.

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