Chinese weightlifter sets 3 new Olympic records with gold at men's 81kg division

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Veteran Chinese weightlifter Lyu Xiaojun won a gold medal at the men’s 81kg division at the Tokyo Olympics on July 31, 2021. The 37-year-old also set three new Olympic records as family and friends back in China gathered to watch and cheer Lyu’s performance. It’s Lyu’s third Olympic medal, after sweeping a gold and silver in the 77kg division in 2012 and 2016.


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Guacamole Hole says:

He’s a monster

greenbanana1001 says:

Congratulations well deserved

Sini 00 says:

I am not Lu 😭😭

Yu Tian says:

Could definitely see him becoming a coach for the Chinese weightlifting team after he retires. He's one of the few with a big following both inside and outside of China.

Shawn Shawn says:

He inspired more people than he knows. Check out his yt

mira says:

Lyu? What a weird surname. Not a misspell?

garald tao says:

It is amazing how older athletes are keeping up with the younger ones. It wasn't that long ago when the average age expectancy was in someone's 40s.

Robin says:

Im predicting the Chinese to win in total gold by the end. 29 gold as of now vs USA 22. China will 99% win Womens team table tennis, Mens team table tennis. Those 2 are pretty much guaranteed. 10M Diving China has 2 athletes. Ranked 1 and 2 in prelims. They have a couple ranked 1 and 2 in Canoe and Kayak as well. Im predicting over 34-35 Gold.

Michael Hoe Kheong says:


Rafael Zac says:

Salute u Lyu for your dedication and hardwork proud of China

ME says:

Wreck me daddyy

obsidianstatue says:

WOCAO !!!!!!!

Zulianto zach says:

CHINA weightlifter, NOT chinese weightlifter 😁

Dann Matt says:


Emerald says:

His family and country are so proud of him

Dan W says:

What language was Lius Dad speaking, if it’s mandarin then what accent or dialect is it in
I could barely understand it


Congratulations China 🇨🇳

Yaorei Vashiwo says:

Chinese will take away every

William PPL says:

Lu. Every pro weightlifter knows him

Reditya Priatama says:

Congrats China, from 🇮🇩

Johan Bee says:

He got his own channel, dont know whether is official or fans made. But dang his training is gruesome, well deserve record.

Pramod Tamang says:

He is the beast🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️. Congraz team China

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