Chinese underwater dancer becomes ‘River Goddess’

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A 31-year-old dancer paid tribute to “Luoshen”, the mythical Chinese Goddess of the River Luo, during an underwater performance for the Dragon Boat Festival. The production won praise on social media, receiving nearly 1.4 million likes.

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Calvin Liew says:

Great dance

John Nino says:

Everytime it switches to underwater scene, i automatically hold my breath 😭

She is amazing!

Franklin Fleming says:

Not gonna lie ive always wondered what water work out would look like

Ariannasv22 says:

Captions are a bit of a mess in this one, going back and forth between referring to the dancer as "he" and "she."
Underwater dancing sounds like a lot of fun, glad they are able to live out their passion!

Carl Ewen-Lewis says:

I think this has the potential of becoming an actual performance art. We've reached a collective level of technological, artistic, and physical competence for this to be adopted by others.

This space will definitely grow in the next five years.

Colin T says:

She is underwater and dancing without even producing air bubbles? Incredible.

R G says:

China is now adapting to life underwater.

im forallz says:

Lovely… now go and recover submerged flood items 🤣

R L says:


Dr. Girlfriend_ADD says:

Underwater dancing doesn't even need being slo-moted to be beautiful.

G G says:

What I want to know is….does she have gills?

Hang Le says:

Man, I can’t open my eyes under the water without goggles , i would feel unsafe.

Xu Yiu Lee says:

how to turn your kids into memes

add "He"into her name and add "she"into his name

C Lee says:

It's so amazing how she could hold her breath for so long.

EEEEEE says:

She can dance with fishes while I’m horrified of fishes

Pawlinee Roblox says:

Next Disney princess :0

Kerem Morgul says:

Wow, just wow. I’m an agnostic but would bow down before such a graceful goddess!

The Great Saiyan Prince says:

Mermaid doesn't exi….

Wait What!!

Arthur Lincoln says:

If she is in Henan she will be wafting around at the bottom of the Yellow River.

Samuel Samuel says:

Nice of the show extant needful performance looking smart more than more ripped seeing

The moving finger writes_ ☝🏻 says:

If her body is that much flexible and easy under water then Imagine the efforts she put in for years and how flexible her body would be on ground.

ThuNder says:

My one question, is it a 'He' or 'She', decide amongst yourselves and let me know the answer @SCMP.. 😒😐

Xkika says:

This is a masterpiece! Beautiful

Pritesh CODM says:

Dancing apart how is she even able to hold breathe for so long

Bikramjeet Das says:

Building dams at the cost of Chinese life shows how much CCP care.

Meanwhile river goddess….
Media puppet of CCP

thomas he says:

that dancing in the water are amazing!!!!!!!i love it😊

SPalash says:

She should've featured in that chinise mermaid movie

Goron says:

Didn't they do something similar to this in that 300 movie with the Oracle?

Ben Dover says:

Absolutely gorgeous!

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