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Chinese man’s slinky spring tricks amaze many online

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A 32-year-old man in China’s Guangdong province has a unique way of playing with slinky springs. Wu Wuqiang created a set of unique movements on his own in 2009. He hopes to promote the toy as a sport that everyone can enjoy.


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Peace Liker says:

And when i bought the spring i feel like it's a scam coz i cant do any of the trick

Theblockyhero kuso says:

Wow you can really do anything in life, weirdly inspiring

Kuro Truesdale says:

Yoyo > spin pen > fidget spin > now spring

There's many more,such as butterfly knife

Sadia Nadeem says:

Amazing, so Chinese are beating the world in almost every field now. 🇵🇰🇨🇳

Cesar Mendoza says:

this guy brought this toy back to life. sweet skills !

Martin Martins says:

Dude how the heck do you not get bored spending so much time with a SLINKY you can do this type of stuff? Lol


Believe , Practice , Imagine , Prove , Inspire .

Brandon Phenix says:

Did they really call this a sport?

Silkura says:

His slinky isn't strangled yet after doing those tricks? Now that's what I call a pro

Kyle K says:

This is nothing. One time I got my slinky to go down THREE stairs before it stopped! 🙌🏻

Montana White says:

I thought the only thing a slinky could do was go down stairs.

Harsharan Sohal says:

I can do that

In my dreams

Youtube EasyClap says:

I didnt know this was a thing-

Natasha Taylor says:

Now I wish I’d spent more time messing around with a slinky rather than running to the top of the stairs and watch it ‘walk’ down.

Brian Stevens says:

Why is this title the most authentic title ever? Like it's so honest, that it has the effect of random words and thumbnail for clickbait.

Normaniconti says:

i had one and everytime i tried to play with it it just tangles up

mushroomhead 420 says:

thank you covid for providing us with enough boredom to figure out things like this

thushanth siva says:

it looks like hes in reverse

John Smith says:

If they can have a Yo Yo competition, there's room for this slinky competition as well. It's artful and can be made beautifully.

Brandon Bailey says:

He will be featured in the next mortal combat game

Lea Rainbow says:

Me trying some of this.
My slinky: fix me goddess u have hurt me

Miranda Andrews says:

I love slinkies. Now I want to go buy one and learn to do that.

PES Beats & News Reviews says:

Guaranteed he has ADD or anxiety

SpiritsBB says:

Guangdong people, why do you speak weird Cantonese? =D

Ραφαήλ Σοτολίδης says:

Why is everyone so talented like him not joining a talent show?

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