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Child marriages on rise in Indonesia as Covid-19 deepens desperation for poverty-stricken families

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Poverty and a lack of education are factors that have long been blamed for driving children into wedlock in some traditional communities in Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Vietnam. But during the coronavirus pandemic, young girls across Asia are being forced into marriages in greater numbers by desperate families struggling with deepening poverty.


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Hobby Bundle Sale Online Hot Item says:

Bodoh ajaran sesat

The Major says:

Meanwhile I'm still single

Steven Mathew says:

Its not even a big crime..

Alam Alam says:

South China Morning Post : "illegal marriage"
Corrupt of KPAI : "Nah,word of "Anjay" is more important than this"

Rebekah Seibert says:

That has END CHILD brides now!!!!….Remove United Nations now BECAUSE they ignored the LAWS FOR child girls!!!!!….

Putri SN says:

Some parents still see daughters as 'baggage' and the whole point of having them are just to send them off marriage. Sad. They don't even educated enough to know about contraception. Just another never ending cycle of poverty.

ViRrOorR says:

Poverty = childmaking yaas like how does that even come ro mind its so selfish i cant

라라루루 says:

This is sadly always been exist since decades, and the marriage are not protected from goverment because its not submitted in legal marriage law, they're married off with religion's law. This happened often in side-city areas, and sometime many people influenced by influencer who married young because they think its pure love when you're marrying people that you love and didn't go to relationship phase ( girlfriends and boyfriends), they thought its brave and commited love.

Lady Valmar says:

Gross! And completely wrong.

Matthew Alden says:

This is not a woman rights problem. It's the parenting issue.

[カイザー江ノ島]Kaiser Enoshima says:


Sekedar Lewat says:

gapapa, katanya nikah muda banyak pahalanya.

Sof Ehd says:

Sick of poor people's complaint of their lives.

Sofia Roux says:

At least the men take responsibility as husbands and fathers.. compare to situation in other poor countries where the young girls are becoming single mothers.

Binaa Na says:

As an Indonesian who live in a village, I could tell that child marriage happened a lot here, and I think it increasing every year. Here you could see teenagers getting married and have a kids but no job. As a result, their parents are the ones who pay for their lives. So it is not improving their economy, but even falling into poverty. And it's true that sometimes parents doesn't really care who the groom is, because that just want their kid to get married. I feel bad to said this but, a lot of them are going through MBA (marriage by accident) so they "forced" to get married (bcs some of them think that it's disgrace their family.

Maritza Quiroz says:


Pinkie Starly says:

I’m Indonesian and this is absolutely sad :(((

Zaki Plays says:

I'm Indonesian and I understand what they say

celine kho says:

I just cant imagine how they feel. I am 17 this year, and I still feel that I am not mature enough.

RShama1230 says:

It's sad to see even in 21st century that in certain places, parents see their daughters as a burden to the family and feel so relieved after they are married off.

strawberry lars says:

This is discusting and sad.

Anastasia Sabrina Zuraimi says:

Forced marriage is haram.
Do not confuse cultural practices with religion.
Another thing to note:
Religion is perfect, people are not.


I have online indonesian friends. ❤️😀

Klarina Rizkyani says:

Creating other issues

Luke T says:

And they will blame chinese descendants in Indonesia for their poverty and the hate will get worse 😂

Maria- Ketia says:

How do u get married if u don't even have enought money to take care of yourself after

egami ames says:

5 stars video

Alex Rivers says:

Sickening 😡

Felix Miller says:

It always happened in muslim countries i wonder why.

What's wrong with that religion?

Ms. RandomLeasure says:

Well not all people in south sulawesi marry young… Only those girls who live in small villages with traditional mindset.

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