Car dangles metres off the ground after driver reversed through guardrails in China

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A driver reversed her car through guardrails in southern China’s Guangxi province, leaving the car dangling off a curb several metres off the ground.

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Jonathan Bishop says:

What type of driving instructions are people given there?

madwrestler 145 says:

Women drivers

AxiumKnight says:

Asian women drivers 😂 Am I right or am I right?

Danial Muhamad says:

Total stupidity only in china

Areej Siddiqui says:

Shouldnt the guard rails be under investigation?

really awesome girl says:

so glad shes ok


foreign & 🇺🇸 liberals can't drive

JitzyJT says:

Her license needs to be revoked until she can prove that she can actually handle a car.

Also how did her car even get there?

lola lolo says:

Ladies are always clumsy as ever hehe…✌️

stanley smith says:

another paid drivers licence

b Low says:

Her wheel likely in a ditch and she step on the gas hard to try to get out. But after the wheel got loose from the ditch it accelerated quickly on the pavement which was very short distant from the guard rail.

Nizam says:

All ways ladies driving scene is dangerous

RAJ RAO says:

I wanted to see the car fall ☹️

Saim S. says:

I really don’t want to believe that women can’t drive, but I keep getting bombarded with videos that tell me otherwise.

हरि पुत्तर says:

When you learn driving in Online Classes:

Tom Humphrey Regalado says:

Doesn't hurt to take 2sec to check which gear you're in

Brennen Cox says:

0:29 That is not a forklift SCMP. That's a bucket loader.
What investigation is needed? She is a bad driver.

PsychoAlexander says:

After seeing the title, I thought "please, not another woman, or wearing heels, or both, we have enough stereotypes already"… BAM it's another woman wearing heels… At this point we'd better just ignore traffic accidents.

Onyeka Onyebuchukwu says:

That superior asian deiving skills on full display

Firefly miesumae says:

I'm glad everyone was okay

Claudio Godoy says:

Tuvo mucha suerte

EX Machina says:

There's no reason to use the gas pedal while doing a slow reverse only using the clutch will do the job lol.

Zeph Orac says:

I notice there is damage to her front bumper too. This woman shouldn't be on the road driving.

Warlock says:

Saw the video and my mind said "The driver is a woman"

Harjinder Saini says:

Now I hope no one makes jokes about women drivers because that would no be cool…😐

Intreous says:

That is probably one of the most terrifying situations to be in, the other being the Bolivian university situation..

Reina Azzahra says:

She cant drive. Thats the true content

王哈哈 says:


Narada Mugnolo says:

She’s such a bad driver, what would happen if there was a kid behind your car?? He would get ran over by you.

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