Can the US wrestle back influence in Latin America from China? | Counting the Cost

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China has used its $1 trillion Belt and Road Initiative to expand its economic and diplomatic ties worldwide, including in Latin America – a region which the United States has long regarded as its back yard.

Over the last 20 years, Beijing engagement has raised concerns in Washington about its influence. The Biden administration has sent officials to Latin America to scope out how it can deepen ties. Jimena Blanco, head of Americas Risk Insight at Verisk Maplecroft, explains how.


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Francisco Romo says:

How do you think a person on Spain can explained the relation of Latin America and China…. these are so colonial… please next time look for a person in Argentina or Brazil Mexico they could have more well idea of what is happened here I think the conversation between of the interviewer and the person on the screen. lost totally the point… sad for Al Jazeera new s

Japan Sun says:

Evil China and filthy Taliban

James P says:

I have my suspicions about the USA becoming more active within Cuba in an effort to destabilize the nation. The recent colour protests and video manipulation by many media sources was disturbing.

jarosław bielski says:

The rape of the wicked will cause them to fall,
for they refuse to do justice.

Vivian Jeffrey says:

Money is an issue that everyone has for a better and luxurious life was hard for me until I started trading bitcoin and am now earning $ 18,435 per week

jascam1 says:

China and Venezuela need to form an economical alliance for crude oil, one need it and the other is abundant. I don't think any super- power should dictate who your trading partner should be.

carrington mangwroi says:

The way U. S. A treated latin America its a big doubt Mexico looking strong by the day

John Kesich says:

Hopefully, not.

Chef says:

Yeah, Washington's commitment to western principles such as equal rights. Uh huh, the equal right to cut as many women's stomachs open and throw them out from helicopters as men in places such as Chile.

Michael Parenti said "I support the revolution that feeds the children". US policy is to keep countries dependent upon the US for food so that way if those countries don't comply with US desires then the US can starve the people and help to create a regime change more in Washington's favor.

I recommend that Latin America do what Russia did when the US tried to do that. Russia produced its own food and now is a major food exporter. As a person born in the US I can tell you the US is the enemy to all everyday people anywhere and its policies are only there to serve a tiny elite of owners. China is not an ideal option but it is the better option, along with the BRIC's working closer together, which is also something the US is trying to undermine.

slade tuner says:

it is pretty sad that communist china which has one of the worst rights abuses in the records has more friends around the world than America (my country), England, Australia, Spain, France Etc

BDS80 BDS80 says:

Go MADURO REGIME'S! Backed GOLD thanks? Also quickly build the NUCLEAR bomb FUSION etc too. 🇻🇪🇵🇰🇻🇪👌🏾👍🏽👌🏾 & no negotiations with the DEVIL led too.. plus lift the pathetic sanctioned blockade etc too . Or no negotiations with the DEVIL'S human rights abusers to recolonized.

BDS80 BDS80 says:

SOUTH AMERICA; endless DESTABILIZING instability obliterate etc. Or endless lies cheat steal or butchered Marches on or recolonized & enslavement too . Also going to steal all the RESOURCES rich MINERALS deposits GOLD etc
Energy/waters RESOURCES etc

BDS80 BDS80 says:

Go occupational greater SOUTH AMERICA & Venezuela & join CHINA TEAM & pact led thanks . 🇻🇪🇰🇵🇨🇳🇵🇰🇹🇷🇮🇷🇵🇸 etc. Or recolonized & enslaved forever..

Johnny Tiger says:

Well, US has nothing to export to South America than weapons and trubbel.

BDS80 BDS80 says:


BDS80 BDS80 says:

Go CHINA TEAM led baby's. Thanks occupational GREATER SOUTH AMERICA OR recolonized & enslavement forever…. just like in AFRICA ARABIAN TO E ASIA TOO…

BDS80 BDS80 says:


R3d Powel says:

IMF and WTO yeah we have the best standard for loans. lol.

Cesar Saenz says:

People in the comment section keep praising China but I don’t see millions of people trying to get to China, Russia or any other communist country. Everyone despise US but most would love the liberty and prosperity it offers. Whatever.

Tohurangi says:

The US has always treated the south Americas as a play ground with enticing uprisings, CIA & Black ops etc. while doing as little as possible; now Latin America is tired of the US games & have a better chance without the US in progressing.

G L says:

👺💀👹What an evil CCP🇨🇳, Communist China claimed his evil aggressive behavior of INVADING Taiwan becomes UNIFICATION.
Taiwan🇹🇼Republic of China(ROC) was established in 1912; is & was never being part of Communist China🇨🇳. Backoff, barbaric CCP🇨🇳, all you want is TSM chips.

TheNascentLight says:

Did she really say China has a professional diplomatic service with a straight face? What is her view on the wolf-warrior tweets by the foreign service, pray tell

Wildshepherd says:

USA only exports coups. When China starts exporting thorium reactors that reform energy in the world we won’t look great in history.

J 2B says:

Its not the USA to (so-called) wrestle back? The USA can't compete or match the Chinese in investment in infrastructure and manufacturing. All the USA makes is bombs, drones and military bases. Besides Latin America does not belong to USA. The Chinese do business as equals not as Slave and white master nonsense!!!!!

BackupTeam says:

Latin America doesn't want the US back 🇨🇳

jeffrman777 says:

I’m so tired of these crypto scam bots running rampant in youtube comments these days.

Freeman says:

The main difference between the west and china is the way of thought. The west’s thinking is deep rooted in Christianity, even when more and more people have left the church. Christians have a duty to evangelise and try to convert other people “for their own salvation”. The chinese never in history wanted to convert the mongols for example, they simply built a wall when possible. We live our way, you live your way.

Kaveh Nekoomanesh says:

For the love of God, please stop talking about countries accumulating debt owed to China without talking about the IMF and WTO!

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