Can Biden change US attitudes towards migrants and immigration? | The Bottom Line

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President Joe Biden faces resistance to key immigration policy reform in the United States, not only from “secure border” Republicans but from politicians in his own Democratic Party.

Lorella Praeli arrived in the US with her family from Peru as a child and lived as an undocumented immigrant for years. Today, she advocates for immigration as a co-president of Community Change.

And Francisco E González, who teaches about the political economies of Latin America at the Johns Hopkins University, argues that there is no indication that the US will ever invest enough money and time in Central America to fix the “root causes” of immigration.

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kbo6612 says:

And why would anyone want to change the attitudes towards immigrants? The American populace supports immigration; that's not the issue. It is illegal immigration that is the issue.

Joseph Thibeault says:

No raise in the minimum wage.
The Biden administration bringing in 2+ million unskilled workers.
Cheap slaves for industry.

chris smith says:

Joe Binden Not my President he is just a Clown of Clowns.!!!!!

Tyler Seunghoon-Williams says:

The harsh reality is that many Americans don't want to have ''immigrants'' from Latin America. Americans fear the demographic, culture, language, values etc will change with the rising growth of so-called ''Latino/Hispanic'' immigration. American politicians/commentators/intelctuals etc like (Steve King, Steve Bannon) who have implicit white-ethnic-nationalist sentiments and support white American ethnocentrism see this rise of ''immigrants'' as a danger to so-called ''white WASP America''.

Gary Geiser says:

There were more than 13 million newly displaced people in 2018 globally. More than two-thirds of all refugees originate from just five countries: Syria, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Myanmar and Somalia. Almost four out of five refugees around the world sought refuge in a country neighboring their homeland. Almost half of the world’s refugees are under the age of 18. Climate change can only increase the numbers.

আল্লা মাদার চদ says:

Keep The immigrants pouring in. And drastically change the Demography of USA. If immigration goes on at the current rate, i am sorry to say, in 30 years time, Aboriginal White Americans will be a rarity. Obviously that suits Democrats. Immigrants vote them en masse

X ShockWaveAMG says:

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X ShockWaveAMG says:

Not when we have homeless on the street, we cant just disregard our own crisis.

Jarsi Thankgod says:

Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment now is the best time to invest and make money 💯

Cool_Cat007 Smoove says:

This is crazy to legalize 11,000,000 people who came to America. It's a slap in the face of people who came to America legally. I do understand that people want a better life, I get it but it must be done in a proper manner. You need to have a process of vetting and screening qualified people from non qualified people. You can't have an influx of people coming into a country without a having a vetting and screening process. Would you let anything and everything into your body? No! You would be very selective in what goes into your body for health reasons. It's the same with a country, you have to be very selective in letting people into a country.

Mister M A.K says:

Biden knows nothing about migrants and immigration. It was so obvious that once he got into office that all the migrants would be back at it tenfold – least they were scared of Trump – he knew what was up – you all should of gave him his 2nd term

Frank Lincoln says:

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thejames_fer says:


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