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Breaking down Hong Kong's dynamic zero Covid-19 strategy

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Strict social-distancing rules, snap lockdowns and mandatory testing have defined Hong Kong’s “dynamic zero-infection” strategy to curb the spread of Covid-19. City officials insist on pressing ahead as infections rise while other parts of the world move toward a “living with Covid” approach. While Hong Kong has not implemented measures as strict as some cities in mainland China, its leaders have been warned by the central government that deviating from the strategy would be disastrous.


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John 5864 says:

I don't think hk have the infrastructure to follow china 0 covid strategy. They need china help.

Arjan De Boer says:

HK, once a respected international city, has become a joke in many aspects. Latest saga is this dynamic zero Covid nonsense. Just let people recover at home if they feel fine! Forcing everyone into quarantine or hospital, even people that feel fine is nuts. No wonder the facilities can’t cope. Treat only those who really need it and the HK hospitals can easily deal with the situation. What madness. And now no one is willing to get tested because it might mean forced ‘imprisonment’. What a joke HK has become, sadly…..

Edward says:

yeah it is broken.

Suriya Ganesh says:

india stops testing

Stefan Lindbom says:

Sad how china has killed a once great city like Hong Kong

Screen Apple says:

Why did hong kong choose the one country one system principle? because they don't like Carrie Lam. The whole city hates her so much. Even the SAR government who went party had to be detained in Covid camps. Why is mainland china travel to hong kong hate Carrie Lam so much? She beds sick people outside hospitals unlike china's rapidly build hospitals. We thought China have the power to impeach Carrie Lam. Guess Communism doesn't have the power to impeach her.😂

Lucky Brave says:


Sybil says:

So basically, if u don't follow my Zero strategy, then sorry the border won't open. The key point isn't really about if this is a proper strategy. It's like OK I do it, so you do it too. Don't question and don't deviate, otherwise the border won't open.

chkmc2010 says:

Different people may have different perspective on each strategy. But when you face with death happening to your kid or family member, you’ll know your preference.

jayce ng says:

They only follow China , at the first place is was "One Country , Two System" now it seen to be "One Country , One System" , HK can choose not to follow zero covid

Last Chang says:

Make sure Xi Jinping is accountable for this!

Divine Grace says:

We are fighting the Invisible Enemy (virus). If we cannot beat them(virus) , join them.
Proverbs 19:21 – There are many devices in a man's heart; nevertheless the counsel of the LORD, that shall stand.

Fransly Siddik says:

my country strategies
1. pay to get tested
2. all nationality welcome with shorter quarantine


Xi Pingpong says:

This condition is solely bcoz of Xi Pingpong and he has not left China since last 2 years as afraid of covid. Pingpong locked himself in his toilet. He is coward.

Hypixel Videos says:

Nice and clear report

7 Chan says:


saniv kumar says:

Spreading rapidly. Sad

Acuan Tjahyadi says:

Nasehat dari India, tutup lubang hidung dgn super glue, kenakan kaca mata Renang dan jangan buka mulut Anda, anda akan terhindar dari covid. 👍👌🙏

Tian He says:

scmp没说但谁都知道相当一部分港人的心态是什么?我就是要自由,怎么能全面lockdown呢?借机搞乱最好 看看中央怎么出手,林郑烂摊子不出手似乎不太可能,毕竟噢米克荣可不是之前的德尔塔

chaon65 says:

Zero covid? Non-sense and crazy strategy!

achilles dick says:

Lets hope for the cases to rise. Its the only way to prove how this strategy is a failure

J Zeng says:

I don't know how the situation is in other places, but China just thinks that the "zero" policy is the most cost-effective, local outbreaks are only strictly controlled for local areas, and now in China, the existence of the epidemic is completely invisible, and various activities and production proceed as normal. On the other hand, Hong Kong does not implement the "clearing" policy. Major hospitals are overcrowded for a week, and medical resources are in serious shortage. It is not too late to implement the "clearing" policy.

achilles dick says:

Laughing stock worldwide

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