Brazil study shows China’s Sinovac vaccine less effective than earlier data on the Covid-19 shots

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China’s Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine has been found to be significantly less effective than previous data has suggested. Brazil’s biomedical centre Butantan Institute, which is running final-stage clinical trials for the vaccine called CoronaVac, released new data on January 12, 2021. It said the vaccine has an efficacy rate of 50.4 per cent, a figure way lower than the 78 per cent suggested by data released one week earlier by the São Paulo-based institute. The World Health Organization requires all vaccines to have at least 50 per cent efficacy.

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Life is Beautiful says:

As expected 😂😂😂😂😂

zdfvdfgfd says:

who is surprised ? they export cheap stuff low quality stuff. the ccp members have the real vaccines (because they made the weapon in biolab)

FaatZi ZingSan says:

Hong Kong government needs to stop playing politics and order the Pfizer/Moderna vaccines instead. 50% efficacy is playing with our lives

sojul deity says:

I've been told by family doctor who's my uncle. He works in a hospital and says "we are killing people, we are putting them on ventilators knowing the lungs could explode, we put people who don't have covid in the covid section. After hearing this coming from family. So who is giving out this order?

kari rai says:

what,they want immunity for life?

KaPowProduction says:

If Sinovac is quiet means it’s the truth.

Legion Z says:

not surprise of this result coming out from brazil lol

James Eadmer Dela Cruz says:

So sad China

Dimas saputra says:

In indonesia If we reject to use this vaccines, we going to jail… Lol

F SL says:

Scmp is very naughty with its heading. Bad bad boy. Go to your room now! 🧹🧹🧹

Nhân Nguyễn says:

We all knew that Brazilian politicians are liars

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