Brazil begins COVID vaccinations amid delay of ingredient imports

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Brazil has begun its long-awaited distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.
For residents in Manaus, the gateway to the Amazon rainforest, vaccines cannot come soon enough.
The health system there is on the verge of collapse as oxygen supplies dwindle.

Al Jazeera’s Monica Yanakiew reports from Manaus, Brazil.

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Erick says:

It is not so. Monica does not report that the people were negligent, did not respect the isolation for the holidays. The system did not really support so many people, but the government had already sent a lot of money to the state's health, but the demand was so high that it did not work. Artists and the government itself have stepped up efforts to mitigate the crisis. The situation is almost under control at the moment.

Yahya Mustafa says:

Subhaanallah glory be to Allah free for all wants worthy of all praise don't call y'all world power Allah will test your health out and destroy your false claims look what Allah doing america with their statue of liberty punishment till y'all blow liberty to atoms , liberty can't help but it blocking help yes that status have y'all in trouble today Allah drown Noah people for idols

Rodger Bloor says:

But why are people in Amazonas suffering the most? Why people in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are not suffering while they have so many people tightly packed in the favelas while Manaus is less densely populated but still they are suffering. I am very confused by this disease.

Helio Evangelista says:

Please, don’t forget, who made difference doesn’t appear in this meeting. I talk about São Paulo’s governor; if brazilian people had depended on Brazil’s Health Minister or Bolsonaro President, now we wouldn’t have any vacine.

Jesus Saves Us says:

Do not take the vaccine, doctors around the world are warning people not to take it. All info can be found on my channel.

Caring Sharing says:

Here's a better alternative to the vaccines:

Ban: Smoking, fossil fuel emissions and trans fats.

Encourage: Exercise, healthy eating, sunshine [D³].

After 1 month: Wuhanvirus mortality rates drops to negligible levels and life returns to normal.

Note: Bigpharma will call this disinformation and have it removed. Share ASAP!

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