Border Security with Rep. Andy Biggs

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James Sorrels says:

How sad. All that good work at the border for nothing.

Z33Blaze says:

Where is the Capital Hill coverage OAN? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Elected0nes says:

Kiss the boarder good-bye.


oh yeah the rioters in D.C. looked very mexicans to me

Jeannine Jost-Ratke says:

Why isn't mentioned that Antifa/Blm was responsible/Set up to Break into capitalbuildung just in the Moment, that electores questioned Arizona's votes heading the objection? Coinzcident? I do not Think so …u just need 2 check antifas Post on 11/4/20 calling out 4 waving false flags using megahats pretending2be trumpsupporters….. not unusual considering the riots going on before the election! Furthermore that explains why Police didnt prevent – more likely invited- people 2 get so far 2 be able 2 get close enough 2 break in…. doesn't need more than common sense 2 get this

Tian Amberg says:

Breaking News: Mexico has now taken it upon itself to finish the rest of the wall by themselves in record time

Keyser Soze says:

OAN Organization of Absurd Nuts

david smitt says:

Terrorists comfort zone here.

Kelly Robinson says:

This girl reptilian. Man their everywhere


Loss of Senate brings High Table RED members to seek "Kennedy Solution" to trump as damage control.

G F says:

You know it doesn’t look good when you have nothing to report on what happened? I’m sure you are aware of what I’m talking about.

Bear Daniel says:

From Italy: what happened in the United States makes me think about what is happening here (fraud, media sold …). I cannot think that the Americans will accept all of this. God be with you and with Donald Trump.

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