Blue Origin launch: Jeff Bezos, crew complete historic spaceflight

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The world’s richest man and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has achieved a long-held dream of flying into space while officially launching his space tourism project.
He and three crew members successfully completed a suborbital flight in his company’s Blue Origin’s New Shepard vehicle.
The 10-minute trip crossed the 100-kilometre (62-mile) mark – which marks the outer edge of space.
Fellow billionaire Richard Branson made a similar trip nine days earlier but only reached its edge.

Al Jazeera’s Rob Reynolds reports from Texas, the US.

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Cadcam says:

4 straight white old men go to space…WHERE IS THE EQAUALITY!!! this is outrageous!!!
We all deserve SPACE REPARATIONS… NOW!!!

Rolan Dalumbar says:

Ibang klase, sunod diyan si Elon Musk naman.

Tool Gum says:

Neil Armstrong never landed moon, in fact no one has. they were fake images and videos

piyash Rahman says:

Aww….Bezos is so happy..after stealing millions of people's jobs…they are historically opening space tourism for super rich….Aww……So historic….

King B says:

dont really know if bezos field trip is news worthy

Just Bil says:

Using retards for propaganda is a bad look

Alessandro Dastamio says:

.what could be historic on this flight?.. this is just a glimpse from above for 10 or so minutes..

4ever true says:

Its so sad and shameful that he spent $$$millions since 2000 for just a 3mins weightless space flight when he could have achieve far more within that same period with the same amount of money. e.g a proper schuttle that would have gone full orbit around the earth…

nijuuichi says:

this trip was sponsored by all the underpaid and exploited amazon worker

Tora Black says:

the money would've been better spent feeding the hungry.

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