Bezos’s rocket to blast off with oldest and youngest astronauts

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Blue Origin and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark, and Oliver Daemen, a student from the Netherlands, will round out the crew of four passengers on Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket.
It will be its first crewed launch.
Octogenarian Wally Funk will also be on board as a guest of Bezos. Funk is a trailblazing female pilot who always dreamed of becoming an astronaut and was denied the job in the 1960s due to her gender.
She was among 13 women who trained as astronauts in the Mercury project in the 1960s but were barred from going into space by NASA’s then-discriminatory gender policy.
The rocket is set to take off from Texas in the United States at 8am local time (13:00 GMT).

Al Jazeera’s Mike Hanna reports from the US capital, Washington, DC.

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Jacek says:

Being an Amazon warehouse worker I make sure I gonna go wild and take a 30 seconds toilet break while this !@#$%^ is in space not watching my every move. He can go there and stay there.

Hamzah Iftikhar says:

no one wants to leave earth keep trying no one is listening

50jakecs says:

Bezos going into space is not news. Who cares about his overinflated ego when he owns a company that can't even treat its employees humanely?

Stacie Lynn says:

He isnt going too far folks

BillQuag - says:

I have a bad feeling about this…Hope it works..

Bobs Your Uncle says:

This launch will be a failure.

V. Britton says:

He should stop overcharging,
polluting, and pay double taxes.

likklej8 says:

Ok don’t you Earthlings realise you haven’t paid your space tax since that pesky German and the commies sputnik. The Galactic IRS are on their way to your planet.

Styxhexenhammer666 says:

Bezos may be problematic in some ways but the POD system he helped to pioneer has vastly increased literary availability.

Unknown User says:

Hope this doesn't end up disustrus 🥶

Julia D. says:

May our Heavenly Father who sees these foolish humans who wish to go to far away planted…
He is probably smiling from above from " Orion "
But soo very few are the knowledgeable who knows how to be up there far away…no money is required..but true, sincere faith ..
.May God protect and keep those safe ! 🙏🔥🙏🌷


Doesn’t pay taxes and doesn’t pay people to go on toilet breaks. Let space keep him.

K.W a l e a d says:

SpaceX is still in the top, and there is no way to compete, Blueorigin didn't even reach the low orbit!

Stephen Kerley says:

The Downfall of another capitalist with hope 😁


Nobody cares.

Izzy says:

I rather see him pay taxes.

Che Guevera says:

Hope Bezos never returns. The world will have one less greedy capitalist.

segujja says:

The richest man on earth why he can't have a holiday on planets in space 👎👎

Mohanraj R says:

Everyone has to go one day with or without ticket 😀😀😀

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