‘Best day ever’: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos launches to space

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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos blasted into space on his rocket ship New Shepard’s first crewed flight on July 20, 2021. The launch by his company, Blue Origin, was seen as another step into commercialising space flight.

Bezos, the world’s richest man, was accompanied by three crewmates: his brother Mark Bezos, pioneering aviator Wally Funk, 82, and recent high school graduate Oliver Daemen.

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Xenophon Alexandrou says:

Space? Hahaha your definition of space is beyond preposterous!!! Have fun with your cartoons from NASA and the other fake cgi brainwashing specialists!!!

Carousel Blind. says:

amazon worker: mmmm interesting.

iamgem says:

Im sorry but theres people and children starving in the world and im supposed to celebrate these rich folks getting blasted to space? No thanks.

Михаил Антоноевич Спорилов says:

why should i care?

Corinne Craik says:

Hope he stays there

andrea nyarko says:

Trillions of dollars just to be in space for 4 minutes uhh it's ok cuz u rich

Intreo says:

I hope that this space tourism wave doesn't launch a wave of space pollution or any other issue that will threaten Earth due to human activity; we can learn from our mistakes on Earth.

Cosine says:

too bad he came back


No matter your personal opinions, this is still amazing.

q q says:

Pfft. Billionaires…

Sazgar Ahmed says:

This guy did something that spacex does on like a monthly basis and people are more exited in this than spacex's projects

manifest 73 says:

Meanwhile the homeless situation is getting worse.

Logan Beri says:

Do they expect billions of people to celebrate Jef Bezos’s ego fired a few minutes space trip?

DEIMOS says:

Next is Jack Maa , only possible if or whether he is alive or not

Death says:

Never thought buying from Amazon is funding a space program

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