Bernard Madoff, Ponzi scheme mastermind, dies at 82

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Bernard Madoff, the Manhattan investment adviser who promised stellar returns to his A-list clients and instead defrauded them of more than $19bn in history’s largest Ponzi scheme, has died. He was 82.
His death was confirmed by the New York law firm of Brandon Sample, Madoff’s lawyer. Madoff’s home since July 2009 was the Butner Federal Correctional Complex in Butner, North Carolina, where he was serving a 150-year term. He requested compassionate early release, citing end-stage kidney disease, in February 2020.

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RaWMeSee SoundSavvvy says:

And some angels just grew some wings off of this

Francis Mausley says:

As in the puppet masters box after the spectacle of a show- "Erelong these outward trappings, these visible treasures, these earthly vanities, these arrayed armies, these adorned vestures, these proud and overweening souls, all shall pass into the confines of the grave, as though into that box." ~ Baha'u'llah, Baha'i Faith

T T says:

Good riddance he won't be missed, and the devil probably wait for him on the other side.

Gary Bracewell says:

Third greatest Con man in the world. Didn't beat Biden or Harris though.

Johnny Gee Jr says:

now get his family…………….and his friends….put a bounty on them….bring in their ears !

Dieter Volke says:

Maddoff not even close to Rotschilds/Rockerfellers Covid1984 planetary scam.

Geo MS says:

Netanyahu's man went to meet his sons. The only ones who knew exactly what happened and could have chirped were the juniors, both of whom died of "natural causes" … one committed suicide with about 10 stab wounds to the back, the other galloping cancer more contagious than an atomic bomb.

john butler says:

Died in a federal prison. Thats where the federal reserve bosses should be with the banks. They run the biggest ponzi schemes in the world.

Fuji says:

RIP to a legend. You will be missed.

TJ Marx says:

That's a shame. Would have been nice to have seen him out of prison before he died.

Derick Chafton says:

I guess they buried him with all that money.

saeakh- al- Helal says:

Requesting Netflix make a tv series about this man…

Lola Marini Lbm Pediamic Marini says:

Continuano a torturarmi anche con scariche elettriche fortissime continuo a subire agressioni anche in strada ieri per esempio e' stato un continuo e oggi hanno fatto attaccare il mio cane di solito mansueto con un cane piu ' grande prendendolo di mira e mettendolo in pericolo di vita
il giorno 6 marzo 2021ad esempio hanno provocato un parto prematuro a forza di torturare la mia cagnolina Chihuahua uno dei cuccioli era quasi morto per colpa di questi bastardi che mi torturano complimenti bella umanita ' del cazzo che c'avete vergognatevi perche' credete pagherete per questo e ricordatevi che io non ho paura di morire ma voi vi garantisco avrete paura di vivere
firmato Lola Marini via martiri della liberta" sanremo Italia
Il 14 April 2021 ore 18h49

Nomadic DesertBOY says:

No one cares


Mandela effect moment….. I thought he already died

Maty Westham says:

He was amazing Jew

C. Lincoln says:

RIP. He was a good guy. His only mistake was to lose money of those that must not be criticized less you want to be labeled a anti-something.

Joey Burt says:

Oh I saw people talking about him on Facebook and was wondering why

Mr. D. says:

With all the lies that Al Jazeera tells people it's nice to see something they can just report on.

m nsane says:

In Pakistan many such companies with non sense names like "B4U" and "all pakistan project" are working from many years they give 10% of your invested money a month. Many of them flew away after some years. But again the economic situation we have people still invest in them for such a huge and easy profits

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