Ben & Jerry's tweets support for abolishing the police

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‘Gutfeld!’ panel discuss the ice cream company’s opinions on criminal justice reform. #FoxNews #Gutfeld

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Toby Cadenhead says:


Never Give Up says:

President Trump the greatest President ever.

Kerri says:

If I actually ate ben and jerry's ice cream, I'd BOYCOTT THEM.

lilnell N says:

What have they got to hide?

Melvin-Eugene Punymire says:

It wasn’t an error, Wright was in the process of attempted vehicular manslaughter. Let’s get it correct, he was a criminal let’s not make him a bronze statue just yet.

gamer guy says:

Let's do it, I don't mind, abolish police and let's see who cry first, 👍

princeoftidds says:

Republican cancel culture seems hellbent on censoring every voice they disagree with. Might be time to take a look at the US Constitution…

Jeff Coen says:

As soon as the police are gone I’m going around to every store and throw their ice cream in the garbage.

hodr1000 says:

Boring. Not funny. And mean spirited. Meh.

1st Class Rentals says:

I don’t buy Ben and jerry’s ice cream, time to bouycot

D E says:

Ben and Jerry's has been involved in liberal political and environmental causes for years. I'm sure you have been told to boycott them before and you forgot . Just like you will forget this time.

Nola9942000 says:

I will never buy Ben & Jerry's ever. Boycott any business that does not care about your safety. Hagen Daz is way better anyway.

Mr101beers says:

So we can steal their icecream and it's OK ?

Valmor says:

Abolish Ben and Jerry

Wutsa Hammerfir says:

They just gave an invitation for criminals to hold up their establishments lol. Criminal will assume they will never call the police that they hate.

Clippygoat says:

Aight, time to steal their cookie dough ice cream and blow up their factory. They don’t need cops then they don’t need security.

Mr Wright says:

I support abolishing the police. They were founded as paddy rollers used to police up runaway slaves. I am not for abolishing the police because of the killings. Police are not necessary. Law enforcement should be the elected sheriffs and their deputies. See sheriffs are accountable to the people and if they don’t do right by the people we can vote them out or impeach them.

Police are not accountable to the people. Get rid of police and have much more deputies appointed to serve the communities that they actually live in and they know the people.

Ben Ward says:

Keep joking about it Fox and Sky news, that will do the trick, just kept laughing, Right?

Dave Monday says:

I Scream and we all Scream

Leon Park says:

The flavor of the month is “Help Me Please I’m Being Robbed” and no one is buying it!

Roni plascencia says:

They should just focus on making good ice cream…

Sanjay Mallavarapu says:

Abolishing the police will throw this country into chaos.

galnhus56 says:

I hope every pint of B&J melts.

Lego My Eggo says:

They need to rename it to BEN AND TERRY'S get woke go broke

Geo Raatz says:

I think Police should only respond to callers who support

The rest can police themselves. .. good luck!!!
Best to find someone to watch
over the children and teens while your working.

Matthew Doyle says:

I bet if I went into a Ben and Jerry's to rob them they'd be all for the Police to apprehend, arrest and prosecute me. Another woke company jumping on the band wagon and showing their stupidity.

Cumtronics says:

Am I the only one who thinks Ben and Jerrys icd cream is terrible?

R. C. says:

Mike Hawk's ice cream is waaaay better!! Look me up!!

Cliff says:

Remember THAT
When You NEED The
Instead Call BLM…

Chuck Dameron says:

So if they need help call some body else

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