Australian farmers brace for China ban, eye new markets

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Relations between Australia and China, its biggest trade partner, have been deteriorating for months, with bans and tariffs threatening billions of dollars in exports.
Both countries blame each other for diplomatic spats over the coronavirus and Hong Kong.
While there is hope a new free trade deal between Southeast Asian nations will help reset relations and diversify markets, experts say Beijing is exerting more control over trade, and the Australian government is also looking to new markets.

Al Jazeera’s Nicola Gage reports from New South Wales, Australia.


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bob Cat says:

You got to look at it this way. 300 years ago Australia did not have a significant agriculture or ranching industry (no significant products). The west develop the land in Australia.
If I was China and having all those conflict with Australia why not just develop the land in say in Africa for their agriculture and framing and ranching needs. After all why not, China can produce the farm machinery, build the infrastructure, and supply the capital. Why not China can get cheaper goods while improving the standard of living of Africans. Less grief for China.

Vincent W says:

US: we must defeat China at any cost

Australia: yes yes let’s do it

US: you are the cost

Ice Cube says:

Australia can install backdoors in their agricultural products…China should ban Australian products for national security grounds 😂

憂鬱的臺灣烏龜 says:


Jay Al-Ali says:

The CCP has people in concentration camps(1.5-3 million), they’ve all allowed to happen & Australia thinking its trading relationship special is laughable. They (G20) created this monster (CCP) & now it’s beyond they’re control.

Michael Legend says:

"Australia is a sovereign country. We make our own decisions according with the national interests.If this is the cause for tension in that relationship, it would seem the tension is that Australia is being Australia.I can assure you, we will always be Australia, act in our interests and in accordance with our values. We do not make our laws at the behest of China."

Scott Morrison

Prime Minister of Australia .

19th November 2020

Tanui Tanui says:

It should be a lesson for Australia to never start a war it does not know how to end. Now that Trump is gone, Australia will suffer further economic and political damage.

刚板 says:

There's only so much we can consume… U.S took the orders out of Australia… nothing to do with China bullying Australia, or coersion…

AO chita says:

The reason China is buying less from Australia is simply that Trump is forcing China to buy more from US…

秋枫キ says:

I'm Chinese. I won't buy Australian rice milk. I hope RCEP allows me to buy Southeast Asian fruits and products

Faraj Patel says:

Brave Australians must send their soldiers to Afghanistan to punish the CCP.

全球反港狗联盟Fuck all Hong Cunts says:

good luck to find another worlds biggest middle class country and 1,4 billion potential consumers. Sell your lobsters to Afghanistan and other countries that Australia commit war crime.

Morris H. says:

the 5 eyes nations need to get together and hold China's "feet to the fire" regarding business practices.

LeQuatreV says:

Australia is ruled by a moron who follows sheeply usa model. Guess what?! it's never going to work.

Levi Uchiha says:

Australia is a nice country. Respect. 🙏

Matub Alfaisal says:

God bless China 🇨🇳✊✊✊✊✊✊

0e0 says:

Morrison is selling Australia out to the U.S., who is the single largest beneficiary of the worsened relationship between China and Australia. U.S. farm products are already seeing huge boosts in sales to China.

George White says:

This is how China responds when you ask uncomfortable questions for the ccp China is a partner of noone Well done Australia deffer your market let China get nothing

Samson Yuen says:

All australia needs to do is say sorry I'll never do it again. Lol

Jun Kun says:

This dog of US bited China many times,so just go away~

bun yoeun says:

Hate speech leads to the loss of the free market, when conflicts begin in all its forms

Christopher Schaefer says:

Australian Morrison and his Government need to be voted out in the next election for damaging Australia's reputation and our economy!!!

True North Strong and Free says:

China’s GDP Is $17,206 per year …or $47 a day! Taiwan’s 🇹🇼 GDP is $54,019 per year….or $148 a day! I guess that’s what you get when you live in a Democratic country which has “Checks and balances” so the corrupt government officials can not simply take all the tax payers money for themselves and buy property and businesses overseas or sock the money away in offshore accounts. A Chinese political member makes $22,000 a year! How is it possible they send their children to overseas universities to the tune of hundreds of thousands dollars, have huge luxurious apartments in various locations throughout China or around the world? I make $120,000 a year and can not afford any of those luxuries! I hope the corrupt officials thank the hard working Chinese commoners for providing them with the tax dollars to live their lavish lifestyles which includes luxurious spa-like hospital services and of course, access to the largest unregistered organ bank on the planet…thank you Falun Gong and dissidents…..and also the newly added organ bank for Muslim requests only…the Uyghur’s!

Jared M says:

Chinese are buying more agricultural products from USA. Guess Australia doesn’t know their master is benefiting from their loss.

Alvin CA says:

Australia treat China as biggest enemy. Why China buy unnecessary things from a hostile country.

Fei Gao says:

sell them to Afghanistan. must be welcomed

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