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Are COVID-19 measures being lifted too soon? | Inside Story

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An estimated 500-million people have contracted COVID-19 and more than six million have died since the pandemic began in 2020.
But as infection rates appear to slow down, many countries are removing coronavirus restrictions.
Some scientists are concerned since the contagious BA.2 variant is still spreading quickly around the world.
So how will we stay on top of the virus?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


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Dr. Peter Drobac – Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, University of Oxford.

Maaza Seyoum – Global South Convenor, People’s Vaccine Alliance.

Dr. Ravi Malik – Chairman, Radix Hospital.

Nidhi Prakash – Buzzfeed news White House Reporter.

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Aasif Azimabadi says:

It's not worth living in fear over. While it might be argued that the masses are afraid to die, I would say that most people are afraid to live. I see them like that in the masjid (the mosque) when I go for Friday prayers. I see them like that on the streets and in the shops. We should be more concerned about God-given human rights than any boogeyman dangled before us. The life on this Earth is not an eternal one. Please, just let people live their lives and let them make the most of it. Stop telling people what to do and how to think. Thank you and have a nice day.

Saddam Hussein says:

🤣Moroccan King Hassan II Also Died With Covid🤣
China and All Other Countries Should Imediatly Stop All Restrictive Mesures!
We Are Not Sheeps !

Mousey Miller says:

I lost my job as a social worker because I declined the vaccine. I declined due to my pre existing health condition (Lupus) and heart disease. I’m on a bunch of medications including warfarin, and blood thinners. I was denied my medical/religious exemption from Forsyth hospital. Since losing my job I’ve been struggling to make ends meet. My husband passed away three years ago. I’m a single mother with two young autistic children. Every month is a struggle it seems like every month I fall short on rent. Every month is a battle. Struggling daily. I’m so ashamed and embarrassed over my situation. I am so overwhelmed, it’s so difficult on me. I am all alone no family nor friends to help me. I have been put down and called names because of my circumstances. I’ve been accused of lying about my situation because I post comments. I post comments for prayers and to meet like minded individuals that are going through the same thing. I’m crying out to fellow christians. As christians that’s what we are supposed to do. I won’t be discouraged. I will continue to stand in my faith. Even though it’s hard. I still have FAITH God will provide for me and my children abundantly. In Jesus name.

000T00b says:

There are so many people living in fear, needlessly. Rather have a balanced outlook and focus on taking precautions for yourself, and forget what others are / are not doing, as you cannot control all other people in the world. Personally, I am fully vaccinated with 2 Pfizer shots, and I still caught omicron from someone coming into close physical contact with me. Fortunately it was very mild, and I quickly recovered fully, probably due to being vaccinated. I will continue to practice social distance, masking when indoors, and washing my hands and sanitising, as those simple precautions helped me to avoid covid for 2 years before I eventually caught it. If I have taken all personal precautions, and STILL catch covid again, I will not be worried at all, as I have already experienced it, and I know that I have taken all precautions that I could.

Start Here says:

Jesus savesㅤ

Jesus loves like no other loveㅤㅤ

d t says:

No had it twice . No jab . Immune system now like a Trojan .
The jab will destroy your immune system as that was the intention.
Or have you not figured that out yet ?


Al Jazeera won't report how Ukraine are all white supremacist and we're pushing for an Aryan world ?look it up people and get the real truth and both sides of the story It's All Over YouTube and has been for years

Cosmin Coco says:

wich was i bought a poland cucumbers big jar for easter and i heard about singapore and felt like pukeing that i am used to eating that on celebrations , and the that psaki with her homeboy eye , lol , u could walk on the street pukeing around here , i guess the lifts are welcome cause would degenerate international relations.

Miriam Arsenio says:

El tratamiento a base de hierbas del Dr. Agboya es muy eficaz y seguro para curar el virus del herpes y otras enfermedades. Me curé del virus del herpes simple con la ayuda de la medicina herbal del Dr. Agboya en YouTube 🌿 .

Len says:

It's not a pandemic, it's a endemic.

Yuji Mokozai says:

I do not fear covid 19, why? Same reason why I never feared the flu?? I am barely indoors only to sleep. I keep my immune system healthy by taking all the vitamins that is necessary. I have no underlying issues with my health. I am starting to believe that fear creates revenue for the government.

Critical Thinker says:

Scientists will "stay on top of the pandemic …" through data reported by health professionals and hospitals and with data collected by health agencies. We do not now nor have we ever had the ability to prevent infection. Restrictions can be re-imposed if infections affect hospitalizations and deaths but they aren't practical to use forever. You can't restrict the whole world together when the variants are different. Each country needs to judge the risks they are involved with. Stop trying to get the SJWs all wound up again.

PEACE says:

❤️🌟 In recent years,disasters have occurred frequently and anomalies have appeared one after another,You must confess your sins and repent,I hope that those who have not yet trusted in Jesus and God can trust in Jesus and God as soon as possible,Confess your sins and repent as soon as possible.2000 years ago, light came to the world,Jesus Christ came to the world.The Word became flesh and appeared before people's eyes.He was crucified for the sins of people.He was resurrected on the third day, and then He ascended to heaven and sat at the right hand of God. If you sincerely trust Jesus Christ and accept Him as the Savior of your life, you will receive the Holy Spirit.Then, you must obey the Holy Spirit, rely on the guidance of the Holy Spirit to act and behave, and be a person who pleases God.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. —Galatians 5 : 22 – 23

Don’t delay, you should immediately trust Jesus Christ and God!

Transcend! says:

The only way to fight with Flu Virus is to get exposed to it!
If you are sick then you will die. A normal outcome.

Higher the infection rate faster the Virus dies out.

Lockdown was the most stupid & fatal idea from "Professionals". Idiots to the extreme, the death dealers! They have no common sense. The govts & business ppl took advantage of the crisis and preyed on already sick population!
All govts who behaved like tyrants must be voted out asap and all business entities including airlines must be fined to the tine of 90% of their net worth.

Above all No vaccination needed!! Natural immunity was suppressed by the propaganda media and health officials getting kickbacks from pharma!

Eclectic Cyclist says:

No, the mandates are not being lifted too soon, the vulnerable have had more than enough time to change their diets and boost essential vitamins and minerals to protect themselves, if they're too lazy to do that they deserve sll that they might get.

Flaming Basketball Club says:

COVID-19 lockdowns shouldn't have happened. Ridiculous question!

Ronald Dumb Biden Burisma Ukraine Soros Invader says:

The world must stop Jewish fascism!
By Azeezah Kanji, "Among the women placed in the crosshairs of the “war on terror” are Palestinian women’s rights defender Khitam Saafin, sentenced last month by an Israeli military court to 15 months in prison after her organisation, the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees, was listed alongside several other Palestinian human rights groups as “terrorist” entities by Israel; Sudanese women’s rights defenders including Amira Osman, arrested and detained in January on “terrorism” accusations by the military coup government; Saudi activist Loujain al-Hathloul, tried in a special “terrorism court” for her work in service of women’s rights (she was released last February after being tortured and imprisoned for almost three years); Aafia Siddiqui, abducted, disappeared into a US “black site”, and sentenced to 86 years for “attempting to shoot” an American soldier (although she was the one who was actually shot); Indigenous Mapuche land and rights defenders like Patricia Roxana Troncoso Robles, criminalised as “terrorists” by the Chilean state; and Indian activists such as Hidme Markam and Ishrat Jahan, imprisoned under sweeping anti-terrorism laws for protesting against the Hindutva government’s assault on Adivasi (Indigenous) and Muslim communities."

Ronald Dumb Biden Burisma Ukraine Soros Invader says:

"Zelenskyy slams UN chief’s Russia visit", he is one of those puppets of the USA and Israel who provoked the war in my country! He cannot say no to Hasidic Jews, Israel, the USA. He is puppet!
And now look how the USA, UK, Israeli news media try to increase his popularity.

Ronald Dumb Biden Burisma Ukraine Soros Invader says:

Oil. First step, the USA drop prices on oil. Second step, the USA, Israel, UK and their puppets in my country Ukraine provoked the war. Now the prices on oil are increased.

Ronald Dumb Biden Burisma Ukraine Soros Invader says:

Off topic. The USA use 'help for IT of Ukraine' to support puppets who work for the USA!

Ronald Dumb Biden Burisma Ukraine Soros Invader says:

The richest who are behind the war in Ukraine and other countries must be punished!

Ronald Dumb Biden Burisma Ukraine Soros Invader says:

The war in my country shows that the situation with covid in my country was faked in size by news media and the government. I hate Zelensky and all other puppets and bandits who work for Israel, the USA, UK, EU. Kremlin is same puppets of those world criminals too.

jjakji says:

No. Can we stop destroying global economies and the collective human well being over a virus that has killed 1/1300th of the world population?

Pia dorsey says:

I am stuck in memphis tennessee and they need prison time for it and they don't want to hire me and memphis tennessee and am still lost in the world and it the truth

GRAPHENE OXIDE is in VACCINE & Mask & PCR Test says:

The media covid deception continues 🤦‍♂️

Jarrod Yuki says:

keep the mask mandates lifted.

Ahmed Osman says:

They cannot lift until new wave sweeps like flood in US, Britain, Australia etc.

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