96-year-old hawker’s life motto goes viral online

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Videos of a 96-year-old hawker in central China’s Henan province sharing her life motto have gone viral on Chinese social media. Zhang Yuzhen has been working as a night-shift hawker who sells vegetable pies for 30 years. She said she would rather find something meaningful to do, than retire like other elderly people.

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Foods ASMR says:


Firefly miesumae says:

She wants to be active until the end. No reason why she can't be.

fool says:

grindin 🔥💯

pravin arivaalan says:

"You are part of the great circle of life" she says.

C says:

Then why do cities like Beijing and Shanghai prevent people like her from making a living, imposing harsh restrictions on where they can deploy their skills. Should laws be so draconian against workers who barely make by?

Lady E. says:

Aside from her philosophy, I also do admire her thoughtfulness to her customers. Hoping that those greedy and evil business owners learn from her because nowadays, most business people are about money, money, money. they never care about the welfare of their customers. After all, the customers are the ones that keep the businesses alive.

Bebe Mon says:


Lancoq thorns hill says:

I 'm pretty sure this grandma not poor

Theolich says:

Born 1925, she must had seen a lot. Running a pie stall at night is nothing compared to what she had been through.

Yogurt Berry says:


Simin Lin says:

actually the grandma have to take a break now as too tired of handling those bloggers and customers, it's already disturbing her life…

sussi jensen says:

You have to send her money for this video her live has Change Because of this film 🤔.

Muhammad Guaffar says:

Porki Sharma (WION News India): Chinese communist Grandma being so fit and energetic is a threat to Indian democratic grannies. India must lodge a strong protest against China at the UN.

Hacky Tummy says:

Very wholesome granny

Ardi Baskoro says:

Grandma stop selling pies because overwhelming flood of customer.

(Insert DJ Khaled album cover meme)

Mv Fangs says:

30years business, work on night sleep on noon,,
Who said work on night make you die earlier? Who who who,, this is ooo

Kathleen Baloloy says:

Wow, see should be an inspiration to everyone to work hard and stay positive in life..

Mohd Aliff says:

Positive attitude attract kind people

az by says:

She's got such smooth skin wow 😍 lovely lady. 🙂

Jane The Vegan says:

What is the name of that dish?


She is so adorable

Gashgo says:

What a content life she has!

Lisa Wendy says:

Such a warm big heart! And a strait shooter! Lol i love her!! #wordsofwisdom

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