Woman dancing ‘on a river’ finds fame online in China

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Yang Liu, from southwestern China’s Guizhou province, has become an online star in the country for her dances “on a river”. Perched on a single bamboo pole, Yang can dance ballet, and even perform splits.

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deltatango says:

there's always an Asian better than you

thismof0 says:

i dance in the shower

Pygmy Puff says:

She's 77 poinds!

Kong Gigiz says:

They are so talented

Santi Om says:

I hope there will be many pupils of this dancer in the future so the beautiful dances and the traditional skills will not perish but will flourish.. So that China not only consists of landscape panorama's and great buildings but has also divine and magnificent culture , just like other countries

tengfai mui says:


Kami No Yami says:

Steps to do this:
1. Be 35kg or below
2. Be an asian

Kami No Yami says:

Therapist: jesus ain't real, it can't help you
Jesus in real life:

victor jr torrevillas says:

just for and another propaganda of chinese regime

victor jr torrevillas says:

i tougth above the river just above the river…its natural nothing else..some can dance on a pole and on a string…

Mck Dgz says:

She's just at 35kgs? Whoa 😱 seriously? 😳

桂系虎战成员-季大帅锅 says:

too skinny. not healthy. I judge her

Luxxii _ says:

With how much she weight and how much work and practice she puts in her dance and her balance …I hope she is well and healthy

I'm just a little concern for her

Al Paca says:

People should never insult someone who is performing their culture, it's not just a dance, it's a heritage! How dare those people say rude things about her.

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