Public bath houses in Japan struggle to survive during Covid-19 pandemic

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Many public bath houses in Japan are at risk of closing as customer numbers plunge during the Covid-19 pandemic. While the Japanese government has decided to allow the traditional sento baths to stay open for “public hygiene reasons”, a lack of customers because of coronavirus fears is proving to be the latest blow for an industry that has seen business declining for years.

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Eshaal E says:

This is horribly sad. If I lived there I would definitely visit there to make them happy. They seem very nice.

honest review telugu says:

Public baths with friends will be great fun I've seen in naruto anime

Pedro says:

I just see a bunch of war criminals bathing…

CWT91 says:

Just put a few top Japanese AV actress there and I am sure the bath house will prosper again

Ruben Reyes says:

(Cleveland) oooohh datsss nasssteeh

Anonymous Anonymous says:

Easy solution: Put lysol on the bath water!
Then market it as covid-safe.

Pierre He says:

Meanwhile in other countries : iTs hOt, TiME t0 OpEn tHe pUbLic PoOLs

its britneybyotch says:

I always have fear of public toilets idk why

A Random Google Account says:

LOL i dont think makeing the bathouse scary will help 💀💀💀

Below Average says:

To those people thinking why do people bathe in a public bath

Its the same as why people drink at starbucks when they can just drink at home.

Its the atmosphere people are after.

e-rich-al-im says:

0:31 what was this horror about?

Resident Cat says:

Love the cats in the bath house 😆

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