One creative mask a day: Hong Kong theatre costume designer documents life during the pandemic

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Hong Kong theatre costume designer and actor Edmond Kok Wai-ho have created more than 100 artistic masks since February 14, 2020, not long after the novel coronavirus was first confirmed to be spreading in the city. Kok said he wanted to use his artistic skills to “document history” during the Covid-19 pandemic through his visually striking mask creations, many of which were inspired by events as they unfolded in Hong Kong.

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Abar Rolugos says:

Just dont put FREEDOM in the masks

China is allergic to that word

Michael yu says:

Why cant people do like him than just spend alot money on cool masks in amerikkka

DJUniMekaju says:

It is important we document history. Too bad people want to erase it. Love the mask creativity.

SlitherGravity says:

Peculiar lol, but neat

Dusky Shadows says:

Creative qwq but may not work if you actually want to use it XD
And yea it’s for entertainement

Alex Jones says:

The lockdowns do not "stop" the virus. But they do destroy the your livelihood, your savings, your small business, your child's education, and your foreseeable future.

Alex Jones says:


If Hydroxychloroquine worked…

They couldn't force you to get the vaccines.

Ms Spears says:

No practical but fun to see.

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