Mich. Supreme Court allows Flint Water lawsuit to proceed

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The case against city officials for their involvement in the water disaster is moving forward. One America's Allysia Britton takes a look at the lawsuit.

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JEFFERY T. CARR Ph.D. on't says:

Flint has one of, if not the highest water rates in the nation and it is contaminated. The City of Flint received a $450 million dollar Federal loan for repairs and the people of Flint are being forced to pay the loan back. When the repairs are being done, without notice a large crew of numerous people and heavy equipment pull down a residential street and absolutely destroy your yard your driveway and sidewalk and leave huge holes everywhere for weeks even months at a time before returning to do the work. once they do the 10 minute job they leave and no one returns to fill in and repair the massive holes for a few more weeks to even months. It is insane to say the least.

Salem says:

Worse narrator ever. Please, don't use her again.

Salem says:

Was that Slick Willy in the background?

Captain_Dirt says:

There is a special place in hell for people like these….it's called NEW YORK SHITTY ! "or Cuba"
"as transmitted by unnamed anonymous experts"

feral vicar says:

Someone or something must ban Trump from boning his daughter Ivanka.

James Simko says:

It's about time these liberal idiots are held accountable they all lied and utility companies need to be taken control of. They are all criminals.

bertraminc says:

The ducks seem to be ok.

Chris Edwards says:

Vote Democrat and win stupid prizes.

wastingsanity says:

Any official that signed off on this should be investigated and if there is corruption a foot, then they should be charged with multiple counts of murder.

Gaius Baltar says:

The fact that it took so long to finally tackle water which we knew was poisonous, I wonder how long it will take them to deal with all other city water supplies which are full of toxic fluoride and other chemicals.

Gaius Baltar says:

This is just a distraction from the fact that all city waters nationwide are loaded with toxic fluoride and other chemicals.

Harry Higgenbotham says:

Sick people making people sick

Ken P says:

This has to be Trumps fault somehow someway….the anti-American libtards in the MSM will come up with something soon

Jamieson Giffen says:


Bob Johnson says:

They'll just up the price for Water & Sewage and the Citizens will pay for the lawsuits.

Old Fart says:

In the late 80’s it came out about lead in the water system’s. In the high school I was at it was discovered that there was was lead in the pipes because of the material used to connect the joints together. And at that time Flint was making money because of all the manufacturing in the city. Meanwhile other cities were making it customary to replace water lines with housing sales. So why didn’t Flint do the same?

Debra Moses says:

What in God's name has taken so long. Tremendous restraint displayed by the citizens

Brian Gudio says:

what did Whitmer do to correct this?

Boosted98gsx says:

"A byproduct of chlorine", honey, chlorine is an element. It doesn't have "byproducts".

Modnar laudividni says:

How many years has it been?

Being Frank says:

Water, the source of life, allowed to be poisoned by dem leadership. So what's new?

1984 Is NOW says:

Good I live in mid Michigan they deserve justice now! FYI the past governor is responsible and was republican. Now we have a dem no better sucks…..

musterseeds says:

The Flint city run by DEMratt for a decade.

Family Phone says:

Their great grandkids will be enjoying that money.

jlwftl says:

Now what democrats? Sue for trillions. Break them

Yolanda Hall says:

All Democrats politicians

john osborn says:

Odiously Awful Network. The CITY did NOT "change its water source" THAT was done by dictate of an official imposed by the Republican governor. He rammed through model law by the sinister Koch Brothers so extreme no other state touched it allowing him to declare a "fiscal emergency" on a town, depose the local officials, impose a dictatorial Emergency "Manager" to completely control the locale who on HIS one, only, own with NO appeal to cancel contracts, sign new ones, HE changed "from a Detroit water treatment system to the Flint River." A water expert from Virginia came on his own, tested, warned, state officials, who denounced, ignored him, he was PROVEN right, for cover-up governor should have been IMPEACHED.

Jim Cumback says:

Amazing isn't it?? Another Democrat controlled city riff with incompetence and corruption. Where ever the Democrats lead, you can be assured of third world conditions and corruption.

Knc Delivery says:

To the river these people killed people

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