Mask inventor Peter Tsai puts retirement on hold to help ease N95 shortage in the US

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Taiwanese-American scientist Peter Tsai has put his retirement plans on hold, saying he could no longer sit back and watch as medical workers reuse masks and protective equipment while they help coronavirus patients. More than 30 years ago, the scientist came up with a filtration method that helps N95 masks block 95 per cent of all particles. Now, Tsai is working with virologists and the medical industry to develop a way to improve the N95, so the respirators can be safely sterilised and reused.

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Ganon01 Ryan Outsen says:

We found best guy

typikaljesus says:

Peter Tsai: You shall not passed!
Covid-19: You’re outdated.

Jay H says:

What a life saving invention.

Mechyuda says:

This guy should be a multimillionaire. Under the crony capitalism of the Zionist US empire, the richest people are disproportionately of the self-worshiping type: *Epstein, *Maxwell, *Weinstein, *Fogle, *Singer, *Ratner, *Greenspan, *Bernanke, *Mnuchin, and so forth.

King Super Saiyan says:

The mask that you cut is the same one i own

Brrr_Ice says:

I just see two Asians excited about science stuff. It’s cute 😂

Trudy Fox says:

Thank you sir for your contribution to humanity.

Rachit Mehrotra says:

Love You SCMP

Le Ma says:

Earth Angel. Thank you Prof. Tsai for thinking of others.

siraj dowla says:

What is the size of the virus and what's is the average size of the pores of the mask. Pores of the mask is 3 times bigger than corona virus, so N95 can not prevent corona virus

super baby says:

蔡秉燚 is a Taiwanese American materials scientist and inventor for inventing the N95 mask. He is an expert in the field of nonwoven fabric

Abar Rolugos says:

But China only sells defective products

Divina Solomon says:

Thanks for your contribution to our world…. salute you sir

youtube adventure says:

The men his Mouth is dancing

Too OP says:

Thanks Prof. Peter Tsai 👍👍👍

Harsh Ranganath says:

Such a wonderful person.

Matt Guitar says:

So many sheep here.

Bandit Rider says:

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PeaceAll says:

This invention is made by an Asian-American, wow!! Donald Trump should respect Asian People.

rina2012ful says:

Oh I didn't know that the person who invented N95 mask is still around.

Kuswanto Lim says:

Originally for construction worker? Cool…

Dolce Vita says:

Can we just give a moment to acknowledge how articulate Prof. Tsai is in explaining his invention. 👏🏼 I actually have a deeper understanding how masks work now.

Coffeebud Hong says:

Many still alive because of his invention

turbobenx says:

All these assistance and the western hemisphere will be like " they don't want anything from a "Chinese"." They are scare the masks are fake and full with the 'chinese virus'.

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