Hong Kong’s first makeshift Covid-19 hospital in operation amid third wave of coronavirus crisis

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Hong Kong’s first makeshift hospital for Covid-19 patients has started operation at the AsiaWorld-Expo exhibition centre near the airport. The facility is designed to relieve pressure on the city’s public health system as the coronavirus crisis worsens. Infected patients between the ages of 18 and 60 that are considered milder cases will be admitted to the facility. Those in an unstable or severe condition will be sent to public hospitals.

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Anonymous Uncle says:

This is against human rights and privacy!

OoOoOo oO says:

Bedside table and reading desk? I hope they will not end up in the landfill after this pandemic…

Mohamed A. Hussein says:

Hong Kong Jaiyo!!
Best Wishes from East Africa.

ChunkymilkYT says:

Don’t come to America. Just don’t.

Andalucia Musical Instruments says:

Must keep the optics going to convince people to stay home. So much for HK’s never ending CCP protest u til they u leashed the virus!

Michael says:

protesters increase?!?! okay lets say coronavirus Breakout!!!!!!

Vlican says:

numbers must be predicted to skyrocket if they're willing to build a makeshift hospital like that…

Matt Guitar says:

Welcome to the NWO, everyone.
All over something that provably doesn't exist, reportedly isn't even any worse than the flu, and for which all 'preventative measures' are pointless since, were it real, we'd all 'catch it' eventually anyway.
Thanks, morons!

Matt Guitar says:

If the imaginary 'virus' is real — despite never being proven to exist — then we'll surely all 'catch it' eventually anyway, so what's the point of all of these 'preventative' measures? You can stay away from people for a decade, as soon as you go outside it starts spreading again. Getting it over with would've been the best option since hospitals have been totally deserted, nowhere near at capacity ; whereas the house arrests 'lockdown' has been counterproductive by preventing 'herd immunity'.

COVID-19's laughably uneven distribution over the world makes zero sense by the way, after (supposedly) circulating everywhere on Earth for seven/eight months and yet managing to be almost completely absent from the places that should be the worst hit (ie Vietnam) ; what kind of 'contagious' disease appears only in hotspots?
Anyone still falling for this garbage is totally braindead, and complicit in bringing about the 'New World Order Normal'. I'm not being polite about it anymore.

If you aren't aware of how the 'statistics' are completely miscounted (suicides, traffic accidents, people not even testing 'positive' on the worthless test etc. being classed as 'COVID deaths') you've been living under a rock for five months. Not to mention that the 'authorities' themselves (quietly) admit the test is meaningless with many doctors claiming that it actually tests for RNA common to most people regardless of health condition (hence the high rate of positive results — it essentially tests for human DNA)
Even if we go by the ridiculously inflated official 'statistics' themselves, the 'virus' is only about as dangerous as the regular flu.

'Asymptomatic infection' is a contradiction in terms.
Either the microbe is 'pathogenic' and you can't have it without experiencing symptoms, or you can have it without experiencing symptoms because it's not 'pathogenic'.
For every disease claimed to be 'contagious', the blamed microbe (if even proven to exist, which is often not the case) exists in large quantities within completely healthy people — this refutes any claim that any ill-health can be attributed to any 'pathogen' ; no germ is the cause of any disease. The 'germ theory' of disease is riddled with contrivances and contradictions, and yet the public is never made aware, only instead shown scary CG imagery on the news and 'experts' repeating dogma, all the while doctors/biologists who raise objections to and write entire books about the erroneous germ theory are ostracised or ignored.

As for SCAMVID, no 'virus' has even been scientifically demonstrated to exist ; all the diagnostics test indirectly for the alleged 'virus' that is only assumed to exist (and that's if a diagnosis is determined with a anything close to a 'real' test) — most diagnoses are established through symptoms alone, symptoms that could just as easily be attributed to any other condition to which they are common ; what's also interesting is how a single 'pathogen' (the SCAMVID 'virus') can somehow give rise to so many wildly varied, distinct are unrelated symptoms.

(I lost my job over this hoax, any donations would be appreciated.)

Matt Guitar says:

The inexplicably uneven distribution of the allegedly 'contagious' 'COVID-19' after supposedly circulating the entire world for seven or more months completely discredits its purported existence. Shouldn't places like Japan that haven't enforced any restrictions whatsoever be Ground Zero? The opposite is observed. The same story is seen in densely populated countries — the 'viral' hypothesis cannot account for these discrepancies. The complete absence of 'COVID-19' from Vietnam — a densely-populated country of 98 million, and bordering China, no less — is the 'smoking gun' that debunks this whole charade.
Further to that, if it really is 'infectious', surely after this duration everyone in the whole world would've been exposed by this point, so what are we doing locked up?
Also, can someone please explain the contradictory term 'asymptomatic infection'? This is a contradiction in terms. You couldn't possibly carry a 'pathogen' — something that supposedly attacks indiscriminately — without it causing symptoms; if your immune system is suppressing it sufficiently as to prevent all perceivable symptoms then it would surely eradicate it altogether and very quickly, whilst in the meantime preventing it from replicating to a sufficient quantity as to possibly somehow 'communicate' to another person. As such, 'asymptomatic infection' is a glaring contrivance in the germ theory.
The reason microbes claimed to cause disease are conversely found in people not exhibiting the pertinent symptoms is not due to 'asymptomatic infection', but because said microbes are not 'pathogenic' at all to begin with — that is to say that their association with disease as presumed to be a causal relationship is mistaken.
If the 'invading pathogen' really is such then the body would work to eliminate it, and, as long as said 'pathogen' remains within the host, it must be causing damage.
"If the germ theory were true, there'd be no-one left alive to believe in it."
No vaccine has ever been shown to be safe — quite the opposite — nor has any ever 'eradicated' or produced any verifiable immunity against any disease; simply put, there's no evidence demonstrating the purported efficacy of any vaccine, only their apparent dangers. All of this makes perfect sense when their toxic ingredients are considered, and the fact that 'germs' do not even cause disease, thus rendering the very premise of vaccines absolutely futile. Whenever someone credits vaccination as modern medicine's gift to mankind that have effectively rid the world of numerous diseases, call them out on their lies — such accolades are not only undeserved but are dangerous nonsense.

No pharmaceutical 'therapeutics' can do anything besides providing expedient, fleeting relief from symptoms — oftentimes, if not always, mostly indirectly as a placebo rather than via direct physiological effects — and this will invariably lead to side-effects (or, more appropriately, 'direct effects'), many immediate and acute, and always — through cumulative toxaemia — chronic complications such as cancer.
Pharmaceuticals can only mask symptoms at the expense of generating others, never really curing anything and often directly exacerbating the very illness they intend to remedy. This is because pharmaceuticals are almost invariably highly toxic, and, since healing occurs as a result of the body's natural healing mechanisms, the input of unnatural, foreign substances into the body can only interfere with the body's natural healing; how anyone can convince themselves that the intake of toxic chemicals can do anything other than cause more ill-health, let alone that such an action could be preferable to the body's natural healing, is baffling. Just look at 'chemotherapy' — ie 'poisoning the body back to health' (which has a phenomenal success rate!), yep, I can't believe anyone thinks that poisoning themselves can cure their ill-health.

Sadly, most assume that modern physicians have a very thorough if not rather complete understanding of disease and health, and forfeit their critical thinking at the altar of entrusting their lives to someone in a white coat…

(I lost my job over this hoax, any donations would be appreciated.)

مومن المومنين says:

Coronavirus, yet it is not coronavirus, in fact a foul-evil (rejz) that has associates, a virus coalition
read more

Anna Grzegorczyk says:

od polityki zależy doktorze kiedy gra w grę Pandemia się skończy ? 😷

FUsheK says:

Just above 3000 cases and this much preparation. Wow Hong Kong👏🏻👏🏻. I hope you win this battle. Stay safe HK people

W Y says:

America out here still in the first wave because it never ended for us 😔

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