Hong Kong Legislative Council elections postponed by a year

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Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam invoked emergency powers to delay the Legislative Council elections by one year, to September 5, 2021, citing health risks from the Covid-19 pandemic.
Lam also revealed that China’s top legislative body will make a decision on how to fill the year-long gap without a new election.

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B W says:

I thought Joshua Wong would be glad to see his idol, Emperor Trump's strategy of delaying elections put into action. Why is he crying?

盲武士 says:

No need to vote as the government will find a way of disqualifying the pan dems. I would suggest that everyone gets out of Hong Kong once this virus subsides. CCP and China cannot be trusted anymore

Arthur Danielles says:

We have all seen how Hong Kong (China) was petrol bombed, torched, wrecked by criminal thugs. Can we say the earlier elections were a fair assessment of the people of Hong Kong (China) when they were threatened, intimidated, bullied DO AS WE TELL YOU or else, else being getting beaten up, your livelihoods torched NEED I say more? If things were dire enough the disturbing rise in the number of Covid 19 cases is enough to raise serious concerns re the health and well being physically and mentally after what those criminals put the hard working law abiding citizens of Hong Kong (China) through the last thing they need is being forced again to vote for criminal elements funded by the foreigners intent on perverting the truth who we know have caused so much trouble in aiding and abetting those such as Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow and so many other insurrectionists. What we need to see is Hong Kong (China) getting stabilised and to see those criminals duly tried and punished which will bring a sense of euphoria for some at knowing that they finally get the punishment and Hong Kongers (China) can see justice finally prevail. .

Zastava 66 says:

Carry Lam was one of the Xi’Jinping girlfriend from University… so she will do what Politburo ask her to apply!

Garmen Lin says:

Donald Trump: Write that down, write that down!

CL Ren says:

Trump is watching this video…

Me Win says:

It doesn't matter whether there is an election in HK.

Echo Wings says:

fk you ccp I’m seriously so angry at them Hong Kong needs their freedom and so do the people of China this government needs to be gone..

Abar Rolugos says:

Carrie Lam: Blehhhhhh….

HK: …….

Felix Yeo says:

Yet countries like Singapore and South Korea still managed to pull off elections during this period

共产党万岁爱党就是爱国 says:


共产党万岁爱党就是爱国 says:


d'joy S says:

As expected. China is allergic to freedom, democracy and elections.

벚꽃 says:

A year is too long. About a month is appropriate.

The Global Special says:

Well, better have communist government for 1 more year than die of Covid 19

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