Explaining China's flood crisis as the Yangtze River continues to rise

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Mimi Lau explains how two months of record-breaking torrential rains and decades of land reclamation and waterway diversion have helped contribute to the ongoing flood crisis in the Yangtze River basin, home to a third of mainland China's population.

Field reporter Phoebe Zhang details what she found as she travelled from Wuhan to Poyang Lake and the historic 'ceramics capital' Jingdezhen, reporting on the unfolding disaster and witnessing the response from locals and authorities. #scmppodcasts

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Abar Rolugos says:


Mike Harrington says:

If you want people to pay serious attention to your views then I suggest you dump the tinny & very annoying background noise.

T Perm says:

Someone is actively spreading propaganda in the comment area.

Your Polish-Vietnamese guy says:

Love it. Now Chinese regime can take care of their own new crisis: flood-sea.

元首的青年 says:

中共政权强迫学生们每天佩戴红领巾,经年累月进行所谓“思想政治”教育,让孩子们“抵制圣诞节”,仇恨西方欧美文化,在地球上另一个同样做法的组织叫 I S I S,中共权贵的子女却在西方欧美过圣诞节,他们自己的财产却在西方欧美的银行

The Chinese Communist Regime force students to wear the "Red Scarf" , constantly teach them the so-called "Communist Education" , they teach the children to refuse the Christmas , to hate the Western Culture , the another orgination did the same , it named I S I S , and the children of Communist Leader celebrating Christmas in Western World , their money also sent to the Western World

元首的青年 says:

绝大部分自然资源、社会资源已经被中共利益集团垄断了,留下很小一部分让十多亿中国人争抢,导致竞争不断加剧,从而出现毒奶粉、毒疫苗、毒食品、豆腐渣、受贿收买无处不在的中国社会 Almost all of the Natural and Social Resources had been occupied by Chinese Communist Party in Mainland China , and only a very few part had left to the billions of Mainland Chinese People , so the survival in Mainland China was very difficult , and then the Poisonous Milk Power for Babies , Poisonous Vaccines for Children , Poisonous Food for Students , Awful Quality Building , Bribery existing everywhere in Mainland Chinese Society

Dirk Jensen says:

Flood is a failure of CCP and communism in general. There is simply not enough economic disposable income to repair the crumbling infrastucture. Communists are terrible economists.

元首的青年 says:

专制独裁制度的罪恶在于,它不能解决问题,却能恶化问题,甚至就是问题的来源,如这次武汉病毒,它一贯隐瞒问题的做法,导致病毒世界蔓延,何况只有独裁国家,才有制造病毒武器、恶意散播他国的嫌疑 The evil of Chinese Dictatorship and Chinese Communism is , it can't sovle problems , but it can make problems to be worse , even they are the reason of problems , such as the "武汉" virus , Dictatorship always choose to hide the problems , then the virus spread everywhere of the world , even we knew that only Dictatorship can have the suspect to make Virus Weapon and intentionally sent virus to other countries

元首的青年 says:

互相斗来斗去的中国社会,几千年独裁制度一直原地踏步,没有任何“国家”、“民族”的概念,只有“家族”的利益,所以美国人直接管理中国大陆,就像二战后的日本、台湾、韩国,中国才会实现民主、法治的现代社会! Since the mainland Chinese people fight each other endlessly , they had been kept the Dictatorial Culture for thousands years and now begin to harm all over the world , they have no concepts about "Nation" and "Nationalism" , they just only want to benefits themselves , their own "family" , that's why only American People can change the Chinese Dictatorship by managing mainland China directly , just like Japan , Taiwan and Korea after WW2 , so that mainland China can have a Modern Society with Democray and Rule of Law !

** says:

风雨过后不一定有美好的天空 不是天晴就会有彩虹..

Anfanger Main says:

people don't seems to understand China is big, like really big.
If Romania or Greece flooded, people wouldn't say Europe will have a food crisis.
And China is bigger than the Entire Europe (If not including Russia)

Buddy Love says:

Release the Uyghur or you gonna extinct

Fox -Roblox says:

3nd ppl to comment

Yellow Bhee says:

Make a canal toward the desert …. it is a blessing …. dark side bright side ….

NOWHY says:

Your choice of music is always on point.

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