CrossTalk on China | QUARANTINE EDITION | Pompeo's Madness?

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U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is on a mission. He claims the world must change China or “China will change us.” How should we interpret this? A Cold War to be waged against Beijing? Does this also imply forced regime change? China is certainly a major global competitor, but is it really our
enemy now? CrossTalking with Victor Gao & Daniel Wagner.

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Gordon J. Reeves says:

~ To { The * John Adams * of Russia } : As usual, another fascinatingly informative civilized discussion (especially from the eloquent gentleman speaking on behalf of China's profoundly pivotal inescapable and unstoppable juggernaut on the world's economic stage). Splendiferous!

multisphere1 says:

And another thing, when you listen to both, America sounds just stupid and fearful. It deserves only pity , but doesn’t even giving the chance to feel this, because of its lies , aggressive behavior and need of abuse! So, what’s left to feel about it? Contempt! Enjoy , morons in Washington, it’s all you, not American people!

multisphere1 says:

Just listen what American is saying, that gloves off is the way! The fact is if any ow this two countries is screaming of change, it’s US , not China! It’s obvious for everyone in the world, including Americans! Washington is deranged and is living in another reality, specific aggressive, addicted to domination over other countries and own population! The fact of real reality is that everything is revolting under the feet of delusional Washington! Wake up morons, otherwise you will bury our country into the ground!

Jacob Walls says:

The CCP has no respect from anyone that has a brain

Rajendra Lamichhane says:

Only way American can get out of this mess to brotherhood with poorest country any turning it into gold…….holder than China perhaps

Rachana Raizada says:

American banks and companies (lobbying to profit courtesy the taxpayer) are closer to the US government than Huawei is to the CCP. It's a different kleptocratic mechanism, that's all.

Sam Martin says:

What the hell is this idiot talking about
The chinese people are United with the ccp??????
This jerks is a propagandist
Why the hell are you asking his biased opinion????

Sam Martin says:

The chinese dude is an insult himself
Why are we asking this moron?
Didnt we had enough?

Daniel says:

I worked in manufacturing , in NJ in the 80's. The "entrepreneurs", many NY Jews, were moving factories to China. American politicians were complicit, and well paid, promising lower prices for goods. Now AFTER our manufacturing has been sold out, they want to "contain" china? Too late! The Chinese have been on a steady path, and they never hid their intentions to overtake us. They used our own Capitalist greed against the US! How ironic!

Mounia Hassar says:

Last Friday's program was on the same subject. Why is crosstalk always rehashing the same topics now? There are other things going on in the world : elections in Belarus, Libya, Armenia /Azerbaijan to name a few. Very strange

Soul T says:


Lee Spencer says:

The Writing is on the Wall
The Writing is in the Scriptures
The Writing is on the Sky
China & Russia will Triumph
The WEST cannot stop them Both

MaybDefinitely says:

Who is this CIA hack?? The fact there is still american companies in China because of something called free market capitalism that you yanks harp on about all the time. How ironic how these frauds only believe in free markets when it suits their zionist agendas.

Kizo Mi says:

Again and again and again and again the same claim, the same lies!
The US Corporate State is one entity, and currently the Silicon Valley, Langley and the Pentagon are looking to make one out of it, that's why the internet and high tech companies were officially made a part of the Military Industrial Complex, Intelligence Community and the Banksters and Wallstreet crooks, the US Government and the Administration is buid out of Corporate hacks in the Administration or they are connected to the Corporations in Congress and Senate!
To say that Huawei is connected to the Chinese Government is laughable, remember what happened with Fed Ex and Hong Kong and what they did with the packages and documents, the US Government asked and Fed Ex immediately rerouted the packages and documents to the US and then back, so they acted on the order of the Intelligence Community and without a big outcry!
Hypocrisy and fake claims!
The fact is that the Imperial education is so deeply rooted in the minds of the normal citizens that they can't or want see the reality in front of their eyes anymore!
And one important thing is, that the Dedollarization is the biggest threat to the US Empire (not the citizens) then China itself, and the reason is that from one day to another, the world won't send any products or Ressources for printed paper called the US Federal Reserve Dollar!
And the implementation was in the 70's, but the Criminal Cabal pictured it as if the Dollar was always the way it is today!
P. S. The fact is that this numbers this guy is spelling are 😂😂😂, the closest allies in Europe don't want the US Empire, NATO, troops around the world, the only one cheering are the Criminals and Corporations involved, and their Propaganda indoctrination tool = MSMedia!

Leroy Jackson says:

A level playing field ? ? Ha Ha Ha

Adam Albrec says:

Another bit of B.S. is how we love to site slave labor practices in China, making – say iPhones, when Foxconn is a TAIWANESE company – TOTALLY under the US Family umbrella. THIS IS LYING.

Leroy Jackson says:

We all miss the mark
Knowledge is of the world , there is no intellectual property WHO OWNS YOUR THOUGHTS

Xtremedia01 says:

I've watched that documentary – 'The coming war with China' by John Pilger… from that I've gathered as much as I need to know. The American gov't with their warmongering ways soon realized China has the power to change the conversation through the promotion of economic and technological development..look out the window, war is not popular even to the American people. They demand the end of these stupid wars across the red vs blue political divide and gets nothing. China have changed and offer to change even further. What America wants is a China with their boot on it's back developing based on their command. China should REJECT that vehemently. That's exactly what his "have a level playing field" at around 20:27 mean… "China must not develop so fast, they should adjust their work ethics to accommodate us"

Nicks !! says:

All bs.
Satan is the father of lies and the author of chaos and confusion.
China is 💩
Usa certainly will pay sorely, for her renouncing of JESUS CHRIST.

Every nation, every single soul will answer to Jesus Christ when HE comes to judge the living and the dead.

So get off your polarizing high horses, all of you, and get right with GOD….
Not your 💩government leaders that smile and lie to you.

Terry Moore says:

China is on the verge of collapse.

Dennis Cambly says:

The consequences will be higher prices for a poor product.

Nicks !! says:

Gao is typical liar from communist china.
Usa leaders and reps lie too yes.

Gao thinks we're ALL gullible idiots just bc his people believe their oppressive leaders lie through their fluteeth.

Yip Choong says:

The white man is just regurgitating the same bullshit lies. China is not conforming world norms. Pure hypocrisy. The US can't even abide by the Iran Nuclear deal that they themselves drew up and signed. Disgusting piece of work spouting crap. Kudos to the host in pointing that out

Nicks !! says:

5G is a poisonous tool of EVERY NATION utilizing it!

Seventh Anubis says:

Has it ever occurred to Pompeo that the US could stop making it's own people stupid with lies, propaganda, and stupid policies that promote idiots, so the US can properly compete with other rivals? Pompeo being Secretary of State is one of many reasons why China is winning.

Nicks !! says:

GOD CAN stop you, fool.

Nicks !! says:

Typical trash from rt.
Typical surface nice talk from china reps.
Typical boring verbiage from china pretending to gaf about its people translucence.

Rt is garbage.

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