'Coronavirus Black Book' | Le Pen writes damning summary of French govt's COVID handling

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Marine Le Pen has written a searing indictment of the French government's handling of coronavirus. She accuses Macron and his government of 'deliberately lying to the public' and outlines failures.

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Muhammad Rizqi Siregar says:

Black book matters.

Leo Saites says:

Macron is clearly the dumbest leader in the "free world". He totally fails at everything.

You You says:

It's called depopulation… Everyone seems to think global warming is the problem, it's not, it's overpopulation of the planet…

BYE12FAQ UNO says:

There is a cure for COVID

joseph george says:

Macron will destroy France.
The French should have voted Mary Lepen to save France but they seem to prefer France destroyed under Macron than saved by Mary Lepen.

Polin Ni Murrigan says:

Fake pandemic.

Sarah Beth 966 says:

I can see Le Pen is going along with it all , what a disappointment , again ..

Dave Anderson says:

Where is the money going, I hear you ask? It's going in the pockets of Macrons pals,such as members of a certain tribe

Graham Bell says:

Artificial intelligence is controling people from the bottom ot the top. Bill gates may have the answer????

Alex Dimic says:

We are all just Ants Compared to the Neo liberals!

Michael Griffin says:

these folks believe wearing a mask will protect them . recycling the used air is not advisable .

PG trojka says:

French performed worse than anybody in COVID-19 crisis, in the opinion of that old dude? Based on what? Stats say that UK, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Peru, Chile, Brazil, USA, Mexico, clearly did worse than France.

Elizabeth Pearce says:

Italexit party formed, down with The EU and get rid of the Euro and back to sovereign currency. Le Penn for France and Make France Great Again!

Melissa Kilmore says:

Those of us who can think for ourselves know by now that the COVID virus is a hoax, a lie spread by the radical left in order to try and get Trump out of office. The common cold kills more people every year. This is one of the most pathetic attempts the left has ever tried.

The Imperialist says:

Governments in pretty much most countries lied to us about the plandemic.

Widow Maker says:

There is no covid crisis it’s a communism crisis

sheep dog says:

Canada is in the same boat

Ricochet says:

Even France is going along with this scam? 🙄

Johnny Tsang says:

If people don't fight against 2ionism, they will find their wages don't go far year by year !

Theandre Kimbrough says:

Where is the money going? Duh it’s going in the accounts of the gates and bezos and other technology companies who manipulate the numbers, stop using technology and problem solved

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