China says UK has 'poisoned' Sino-British relationship over Hong Kong and Huawei

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China on July 30, 2020, accused Britain of having “poisoned” ties between the two nations. The relationship has soured in the wake of disputes over Beijing’s new national security law for Hong Kong and London’s decision to ban Chinese tech giant Huawei from the 5G network being built in the UK.

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Wild Bill says:

China poisoned the world.

William Lai says:

1:33 British politician at their best in Demonizing China LOL.

Aname Idonthave says:

CCP is alway untruthful, causing conflicts with many countries: US, UK, India, Taiwan, Japan, Bhutan Vietnam… while their inner territory hasn't had human right with Tibet, HK and their own people.

jk says:

Please nuke them now before they will conquer the world and mars.

Kopthic Mikthric says:

China will get a sweet dose of karma soon. ayeeeee

SNK says:

U.K. is becoming a land of dumpster.

DaEpicGamings says:

other countries part of british empire banned chinese apps while uk bans made in chinese phones

Tina says:

True China never changed, cause you were always like this. Forceful, manipulative, never play by the rules, disrespect and threat others, cheat and scam people around the world and yourselves. If CCP can't hold its own words don't expect others to be a pushover.

Richard Nixon Tambalo says:

China is evil to its core

Harry Hill says:

Communist propaganda newspaper

Tan G says:

China is not a dragon it's a poison snake, sly, cunning, and malicious. The world need to get rid of the CCPigs.

Duke Jivetalker says:

China is awful, just awful.

SAT CONG says:

Don't ever ever listen to the communist governments, have to look very closely what they do.

Zastava 66 says:

WAR to pull down all criminals from Bank of China! Peace with CCP is a non sense

Zastava 66 says:

Carry Lam was one of the Xi’Jinping girlfriend from University… so she will do what Politburo ask her to apply!

attack says:

CCP literally broke the agreement on hong kong. UK should completely boycott all China products.

Yu Xia says:

China has not changed? Hmm … I'm sure national security law is not changing anything…

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