Brexit fishing disputes: French fishermen worry about ‘no deal’

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French fishermen are threatening to stop British fishermen from getting their catches into the shops.
In the second in our series, Al Jazeera’s Natacha Butler reports from Normandy in northern France.

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peter adams says:

Tuff, stop the boats, pity you did not stop the nazi's during the war.

Martin Jenner says:

What ever the deal the French won't be welcome in our waters

Didier Lemoine says:

So sorry for british fishermen not having acces to EU ports to export 70 % of their fish and will all lose their jobs :))

momusnick says:

A deal would benefit both countries , but we the Brits must have control of our borders, UK fisherman first.

Janet Janet says:

Why so much attention to the French fishermen, did they care about the British fishermen when most of them went out of business. Foreigners are poor losers always threatening.

Derek Bainbridge says:

Let them block the ports, we will not be held captive and be pay our fishing waters as a ransom.

K- STUDIO says:

Just wait for China to claim those fishing areas

Pete Bramley says:

It was devastating to Britain's fishing industry and coastal towns . Any chance of a report on that .
Suck it up ,we're an INDEPENDENT country on the 1st January 2021. The waters around Britain belong to US .

PeaceAll says:

EU do not need deal to have access to the coast, USA and PomPeo said according the Law, the ocean does not have a border, it is an international zone so you can do what you want like USA did in South China sea.

georgio jansen says:

allo allo go fish on mars

Falco 666 says:

Threats again , British fishermen can feed Britain and re build the industry,and make a good living , how long will french fishermen last with nothing ?🇬🇧

keith hobson says:

No body cared when our fishermen
were forced to scrap their boats and retrain. Coastal towns decimated.
NO Boris don't give them an inch.

Innocentius Lacrim says:

There is so much talk about fishing in the Brexit saga, but it is mostly rhetorics. For both France and UK the share of fishing of GDP is less than 1% (actually it is pretty close of 0,1% of GDP in those countries). This is a non-issue that is being made larger than it is because for some people it is easy to be emotional about something that they can feel to be a concrete issue. The other questions at hand are several orders of magnitude larger and in media they are discussed a lot less.

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