Biden Ducks Fox News, Will He Cancel Debates?

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Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace with a plea to former Vice President Joe Biden to come on his show for an interview. Why has Biden been so hesitant? Will he also avoid a debate with President Trump? There may be clues in his last sit down with Wallace, we'll show you.

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Complex of Sorcery War says:

They powers that be are MOCKING us with incinificant jesture style puppet politicians. You slavery continues …cause you like it!

Hang all treasonous pricks. 34 says:

Can't debate swinging on a Rope

Tony says:

Debates are a media circus full of spin sound bites and gotcha questioning. Trump lost all of the last debates. It is meaningless. I'd prefer the candidates answer questions from the public and skip the media frenzy afterwards telling us what we just heard. We don't need debates this time around. Give us all a break. Trump has no agenda for the next four years and Biden has plans to rebuild America. what more do we need to know?

lordcommander says:

Damn, I would be fucking furious if I was an american and having to accepted this circus of an election, like how tf did you guys get lower then 2016 its just crazy to me

phlezk says:

Wow you had to reach far and wide for these, meanwhile Donald Moron misspeaks and lies every single time he opens his burger-eater. His fans are pathetic pieces of sh!t.

X99 Z5 says:

Basement dweller.

Stu Sanderson says:

They both are mentally incompetent .

Artful Soul says:

Hairy leg creepy joe

Michael Joseph says:

Unstable leaders are a great back door for others once the messy bit's over.

Canis Africanis says:

Ignore debates. Won't add any value. Let the people speak!

Cocho De guerrero says:

@PurpleNurple  back to British airways with your king and kuene
The British 👑 crown and Spanish 👑 VATICAN a Corrupters country inside other country in Italy
All in Europe
The Corruption was coming from far
away and you know it fake News
In what year we are European??

Edward Gross says:

What as sad choice the US has, a Narcissist or a Dementia case…. Oh and a Bipolar Rapper. God Bless America, she needs it.

Just In credible says:

Democrats will NEVER allow biden to debate Trump.
Because he cant formulate sentences.
They wont even allow him to speak in public any longer.

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