Australia’s cap on weekly entries leaves citizens stranded abroad during Covid-19 pandemic

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Many Australian citizens have found themselves unable to return home as stringent caps on international arrivals went into effect to halt the spread of Covid-19. The Australian government now limits the number of incoming passengers to just 4,000 per week, with most flights restricted to no more than about 30 people. Before the pandemic, an estimated 1 million Australians lived overseas, 100,000 of them in Hong Kong alone. The restrictions have left many of them stranded abroad, unable to book flights or unable to afford a spike in prices that has resulted from the caps.

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Rory Campbell says:

I know what school dean hamence was teaching

Eating Bat Soup For a Living says:

the title should've been "Australians stranded in Hong Kong". Please clarify next time.

e-rich-al-im says:

When there is no direct flight you can see indirect flights and other options

Neecy Neecy says:

Declared a Pandemic March 2020. Every Country advised it's citizens to return home weeks before some countries, ordered their citizens return to their countries. All were advised warnings of what would happen if they traveled out of their countries or didn't return. Now they want to blame limited flights, outrageous fees for travel. SMH

Koh C H says:

Gosh. The sense of entitlement for being a citizen.

MK25 says:

This lady looks privilege AF. She just wants to make money, and didn't really care about her ailing father. Crocodile tears.

Bandit Rider says:

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Mary Lee says:

While in Philippines we have a very serious problem with Covid, but still our government have let all overseas workers who lose their jobs come back home.

NegativeHP says:

Why is she surprised? Hope i wasn't supposed to feel sorry for her, flights booked for months Her priority was to be in China, should have already been home.

Den Koxh says:

The Australian government flew so many people home intially and there was also a window of opportunity for any citizens to fly back home..there will always be a few sad stories that pop up from citizens of every country (including China…) as for our government, they have every right to cap the number of flights and people so that we dont import more infections into the country. The biggest mistake our government made was not closing borders to China and overseas sooner back in January when they should of…

Jay G says:

These people have had MONTHS to come back to Australia. No sympathy from me.

TaoTao He says:

We can still come home. You just don’t want to get quarantined 28 days instead of 14 days lol…. but let’s hope things improve soon…

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