Alien Signs? | ‘Mysterious’ crop circle appears on Bavarian field

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Visitors flocked to see a giant crop circle discovered in the grain field between the Bavarian towns of Raisting, Fischen and Diessen am Ammersee.

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Drexel Finnicum says:

Come enslave the human race. Why not? They can’t organize themselves.

matt i says:

Bored people made these. They have been making them for generations. And they are good at not leaving traces. Sad to see RT running this as news since we have seen documentaries on how the people make them. Then again, they pander to anyone who will listen to this crap.

Wingman46 says:

Landing zone insignia

Atlas Network says:

Nice pattern the farmer made there.

Mr. Sarcastic says:

4 rings. Looks like the path of our fist four planets with mars path being encapsulated to the earth. Interesting

Ivan beers says:

Crop artists always making these patterns and media will say aliens did it

Mr. Sarcastic says:

You showed more Dullards than the crop circle. Way to go

Mr. Sarcastic says:

Draws crazy people

RR PLAN C says:

Crop Circle CC 33
Man Made MM 33

Daniel Reid says:

It's probably the Town drunk!🙄😔😙

luffebassen says:

VERY easy to spot if its fake or not. If the nodes of the crops are swollen or have popped, then its real. If the crop is just bent and broken while pressed down, then some goofballs made it during the night. Now go report on some news or do some real investigation into this, instead of click baiting.

Black Sheep says:

The crop circle was decoded by several high ranking international scientists, the crop circle said “Eat at Joes “ 😮

Joseluis Flores says:

This is so retarted if anyone thinks this is aliens or something of that nature.

Seb de Graaf says:

nuclear fusion, or maybe a sun, or maybe a magnetic field

Darker Than Black says:

According to "The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy" , these are made by some rich alien brats, to start conspiracy theories on Earth.

likklej8 says:

Sacred geometry pattern there

Tazboy says:

Everyone on board the space force like the noah ark …invasion of alien incoming…bloob booop boooop plob

Rock'on says:

Operation BlueBeam is coming

matt si says:

Looks like a solar explosion

John Guenther says:

rope and.boards they measure it out using the lines from the trucks tire Mark's seen this before they use the boards to push it down and make a design on the ground appearing g to like something else for people to talk Bout and question there minds

Stephen says:

Hoax. Man made. Been sued enough over it to stop. No aliens 👽

Taso Aifantis says:

Aliens drawing fancy pictures of their arseholes . And people are standing in it , Aliens have a great sense of humour

Shit Lister says:

Of Course RT Posted this

Johnny Williams says:

They travel lightyears to draw on our planet lol

timsim83 says:

You gotta show the bend in the stalks!

mit p says:

Lol.. The direction this planet is going am sure the aliens lock there spaceship doors and keep going without stopping. They will regret picking up any hitchhikers

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